Last Man on Earth: You're All Going To Diet
October 16, 2016 10:08 PM - Season 3, Episode 3 - Subscribe

Everyone plots new security measures--but really, shouldn't they all just leave already?

Tandy is not a doctor, and even though Pat failed such scientific tests as the "kick him" test, who knows if Schroedinger's Pat is alive or dead or not? So to work on that problem, everyone comes up with ideas. Tandy sets up a set of singing fish singing "Jeremiah Was A Bullfrog," and tasering stations. Carol redecorates the bulletholes with flowers and reclaims the graffiti, changing it to "I'm So Angry About Racism" and "You're All Going To Diet." Melissa sets up a sniper's nest and land mines all over the beach...which goes terribly when the tide comes in.

In the end, Lewis (and the racket outside) convinces everyone to just leave where Pat can find them in the first place, forcing everyone to pack up their treasures (like Gail's Gordon-doll and bottles), say goodbye to their graveyard (Gordon, Phil 2, Jon Hamm, Cher), and drive in their wild assortment of cars including a DeLorean to...wherever.

Quote Corner:
"You guys know that I'm known for my rational thinking, right?" -Phil Tandy.
"Just a little sniper's nest." -Melissa.
"Brain stem shot. Brain stem shot. Brain stem shot. Brain stem shot." -Melissa.
"I took all the bulletholes and turned them into daisies." YOU KEEP CRAFTING, CAROL.
"Come on, Lewis, what are you, the friendliest murderer of all time?" -Phil Tandy
"I call it cow-moo-flage." --Carol breaks out a cow ghillie suit, or whatever you call that haystack outfit.
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