Last Man on Earth: Five Hoda Kotbs
October 23, 2016 10:46 PM - Season 3, Episode 4 - Subscribe

NOAH'S ARK ROAD TRIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So the Malibu Hillbillies leave, already fighting over pee breaks (Carol demands them even though Erica is a month further along and doesn't need 'em--rub it in, Carol). Gail has a self-driving car, which is probably all for the best given her booze problem until it drives away from her with her accordion inside. She did pack more booze and Gordon somewhere else, which Todd spots and gets jealous(?) of and in return Gail is all, hey, you have two girlfriends. Tandy can't fix a car, duh. Melissa is feeling paranoid.

The gang has decided to go to San Francisco. Lewis reveals that he's gay and Tandy is slow on the uptake to get it, but once he does, he's delighted to have a new friend who checks off two diversity boxes and makes them into a United Colors of Benetton ad.

When they get to SF, it's....burned down. Which Tandy did two years ago by setting off all the fireworks and then forgot about. Oops. Melissa is all, "I like it burned." Tandy decides that the place should choose us and “Why don’t we get back in our arks and see where the flood takes us?”

In the various cars, Tandy tortures Lewis with his singing, Todd and Gail fight over how Gail’s not over Gordon. Carol and Erica fight over the AC. Start acting like you’re pregnant, Carol yells. They ruin the car by running the AC in the DeLorean. At this point they're down to two cars. “If there’s anyone you don’t want to ride with, hop in the other car,” Tandy says. That leaves Tandy alone in his prison bus. THEN Todd’s car dies. Nowe they’re all on the prison bus while Tandy sings. I’m not sure why he turned the 12 Days of Christmas into TV newspeople (hence the title).

Of course Tandy also forgot to gas up the car, so the prison bus dies in the middle of a field. They end up at a patio furniture store, arguing about where to move to. Gail decides she's hit her limit and will head to Napa, alone if necessary, and she recites every irritating recurring joke Tandy has been spitting out before she leaves. Melissa is unfazed to see her go, but she thinks everyone should see what she's seeing....which turns out to be a building lit with electricity!

Quote of the Episode: "We're not a family. We’re all just a bunch of people who happened to meet at the end of the world.” -Gail.

Well, this was a fairly obnoxious episode, but not nearly as bad as the Phil-pines-for-Melissa-or-wants-someone-dead ones, so...okay, I guess. But hey! Mystery of electricity!
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It's an absolute crime that they burned out the DeLorean. Seeing them drive it always made me smile.
posted by Servo5678 at 7:18 AM on October 24, 2016

Seconded. Stop trashing the cool cars...oh, wait, it's Last Man On Earth, Phil Tandy trashes everything. Like ALL OF SAN FRANCISCO.
posted by jenfullmoon at 4:34 PM on October 24, 2016

I can't believe Tandy forgot he burned down San Francisco. Only thing I can figure is that he drove off, bored already, before the fire really got out of control.
posted by Servo5678 at 4:38 PM on October 24, 2016

Yeah, I think that's exactly what he did, not thinking he could burn down an entire abandoned city with no fire department.

Tandy doesn't have the brains God gave a roll of toilet paper.
posted by jenfullmoon at 5:59 PM on October 24, 2016

I didn't want to make the next episode post because I'm not sure what's going on, but episodes 5-9 are all OnDemand. Anyone else watching this now?
posted by Room 641-A at 8:20 PM on January 6, 2017

I still am but haven't gotten to any writeups recently. If you want to, go for it!
posted by jenfullmoon at 12:51 PM on January 8, 2017

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