Sampler: #31 True Crime - Final Episode
October 18, 2016 12:34 AM - Subscribe

"True Crime" is perhaps the most talked about genre in podcasting but it's also a type of podcast that Brittany just can't stomach. Tracy Clayton of Buzzfeed's Another Round joins the show to discuss her love of these shows. Plus, Brittany talks to the creators of the only true crime podcast she's been able to enjoy.
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I am so sad this podcast is ending! Were not enough people listening?

(FYI stay subscribed as the next show will use the feed)
posted by ellieBOA at 12:35 AM on October 18, 2016

I'm not sure it has to do with listenership numbers (I think in the first episode of this season of Startup they said they were largely flat across all shows?); it sounds more like they felt like they had accomplished what they wanted to with the show and wanted to move on to other things. It makes sense to me, because the concept seemed like it could only go on for so long. I don't think I ever subscribed to any of the shows that were profiled on Sampler--I'm regularly on the verge of feeling like I need to declare podcast bankruptcy--but I still looked forward to listening to it every week just to hear Brittany's perspective and the interesting guests she would have on. I'm glad she's staying on and developing something new with her team.
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I lost interest in Sampler (and a few podcasts, declaring podcast-semi-bankruptcy recently) as it did seem like it didn't really have anywhere to go. I did like Brittany and am glad to hear she'll be on to other projects.
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Subscribed to the In The Dark Podcast that they covered in this show, it is fantastic!

Will make a post about it.
posted by ellieBOA at 9:34 AM on October 19, 2016

It's the first time I have ever heard Jacob Wetterling's voice. It made me very emotional. I don't know if I can listen to the podcast or not.

I will miss this one. I can't spend a lot of time listening to any podcast that seems interesting, and so know I am missing a lot that I would like. This show really helped me get a sense of what is out there.
posted by maxsparber at 9:47 AM on October 19, 2016

You might find it hard listening, not being American I'm very removed from the story and it's still sad to listen to.
posted by ellieBOA at 1:10 AM on October 20, 2016

Seconding that In the Dark is top-of-the-line stuff, sensitively done, contains some surprising moments of brightness amidst shadows, and never IMO descends into rubbernecking, but isn't for everyone.
posted by Kinbote at 1:58 PM on October 21, 2016

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