RuPaul's Drag Race: Glamazons vs. Champions   First Watch 
October 18, 2016 3:59 PM - Season 4, Episode 3 - Subscribe

The queens team up to create commercials for RuPaul's albums Glamazon & Champion.
posted by duffell (3 comments total)
I thought Team Glamazon was sort of lackluster, but their video worked on the whole. Kenya slayed, though. Team Champion's video was just a mess. It made no sense.

The Princess said she "couldn't imagine" how her team could've done any better. That sounds about right--her lack of imagination is really becoming an ongoing thing. It's a shame, because her runway look in this episode hit ALL of my buttons.

Personally, I thought Kenya did a better job than Sharon, but I ain't mad at Sharon for her win. She did a great job.

Dida Ritz committed MURDER during that lipsync. FUUUUUUCK. I barely took notice of Dida before this, but she's definitely on my radar now!

The Princess really needed to go. Low-energy, low-imagination. Still loved her runway look tonight. Last week Tom Servo, this week Ilia. Oh well.
posted by duffell at 4:44 PM on October 18, 2016

The Princess was so, so dull. Just flat and lacking presence beyond standing around looking pretty. I'm pretty okay with seeing her go.
posted by Jilder at 1:18 AM on October 19, 2016

The Princess was a look queen and nothing wrong with that - but when you are surrounded by huuuge personalities with great looks, you are going to look lacklustre.

Dita's lipsync was amazing. When Natalie Cole passed away, I saw a lot of people sharing that clip. One of my favourite lipsyncs of all seasons, hands-down.
posted by kariebookish at 8:09 AM on October 19, 2016 [1 favorite]

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