Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Halloween IV
October 19, 2016 4:00 AM - Season 4, Episode 5 - Subscribe

"Heists are dumb."
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Gina Linetti FTW! (called it)
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My bright points: the mutual love for a young Al Gore & the Babysitters Club references.
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gina in the background in amy's suit was so brilliant
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Really great episode. Whenever they let Competitive Holt cut loose it's pretty much the best thing.
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The timing of this episode was just amazing. It was so fast paced that we had to go back a couple times just to see it again. Like the man-for-hire saying "cabbage" at Jake laughing, and Holt screaming KABEWDALL.
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Kicking myself for letting myself miss this in real time on Tuesday. They absolutely kept the heist concept fresh for the fourth year in a row, and the new four-way group dynamics worked really well and didn't break the characters. I do wonder if they're going to keep up the pattern of handing the win to a different character every season (in which case, I'm betting heavily on Scully/Hitchcock for S05), but as long as they keep it fun I'm all in.

Whenever they let Competitive Holt cut loose it's pretty much the best thing.

Holt was a beast this episode, between crashing through the window and his cold-blooded manipulation of both Jake and Amy. His comment about "cutting [Jake and Amy] from nose to anus and wearing [them] like jackets" made me wonder if my offhand joke from last year about a B99/Hannibal combined AU might be closer to the truth than we think.
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oh man i would love to see hannibal exist as an actual show inside the b99 universe because i really, really want to see boyle's foodie reactions to the food styling on the show. also someone needs to openly ship will/hannibal and talk about how romantic it is so jake can do his "cool motive, still murder" face and be like GUYS, HE EATS PEOPLE

although tbh all that can still happen if hannibal and will etc are all real people in the b99 universe i guess
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I loved Gina and Rosa and the Babysitter's Club (seriously, listen to the Baby Sitters Club Club podcast, you'll die laughing) and how they pulled a Thomas Crown with the pizza. And Cheddar!
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Smile, porkchop!
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