Project Runway: Rainway
September 12, 2014 8:00 AM - Season 13, Episode 8 - Subscribe

The designers are given two days to create avant-garde styles to walk Project Runway's first-ever "rainway".
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I can't believe they auf'd Fade. He's been one of the best designers so far this year.
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They had to do it, though! What was that thing he made? It wasn't avant-garde, not even close. Too bad, he seems like a sweetie.

I loved the "rainway" and seeing everything. Sean's dress was awesome; he's very lucky he got it to work.
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How about how when they were judging Korinna, they hated mylar. And then when they were judging Sandhya, they loved mylar. And she's used it twice. Enough with the mylar.

I dislike Sandhya more each week. And I have disliked every single thing she's made.
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Not just "avant-garde styles", "Samsung avant-garde styles". Because nothing says avant garde like corporate sponsorships.

It was a shame Fade had to go, but it was clear almost from the start of the show he'd be out. The edit he got made that very clear.

I did not care for Sandhya's look, that jumpsuit looked like clown pants to me although I quite liked how the front of the coat looked. I didn't like Korinna's either, but it was sad to see her get flak for making a simple dress with some metaliccy stuff handing off it because Sandhya did pretty much that and won in the "20 years into the future" challenge.
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What an exciting episode! A 2 day challenge! A rainway! Avant-garde! Loved it!

Didn’t like the editing, it gave too much away. And I wish they showed more details, like who painted the shoes for example. Was it Sean? But I loved that it was an overall happy and positive portrayal without much drama. And I had to laugh out loud at the “organic integration” – not – of Samsung products.
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Tim could have saved Fade, but noo, now we are stuck with the middling Char.

Emily seems suck pre-millenia, as does Amanda, who while only in her 30s sounds like a boomer. Meanwhile, Sandhya is very childlike or childish, which finally looks like it's going to bite her in the ass.

Korina's was so bad it looks like she was purely coasting on immunity. They had two days and it really looked like a badly conceived costume. It must have looked impressive in person because it did not look like the "best runway show ever." The safe looks were all really bad, but the bad looks were simply wrong. Sandhya's needed major editing and taste adjustment. She gets a big boost in comparison to the other looks, but none of it looks practical or wearable. At best, a single element could be pulled out and made useable here and there, but the disconnectedness that makes her stand out was going to wear thin at some point.

Amanda is destined to end up smoking on a porch somewhere, reminiscing about the 60s, accidentally catching lots of fringe alight.
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So sad that Fade is out. I always looked forward to seeing his work and I loved it that he was so consistent. Pretty much the opposite of Sandhya who is showing "train wreck" and calling it creative. This week I am a little confused. Was she in top 3 or bottom 3?
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She was in the top (bottom three: Korina - had immunity, Fäde and Emily). Sandhya's looks are always innovative, and I think that trumps craftsmanship for the judges. I actually have a lovely striped silk dress in the colors of her jumpsuit!

Fäde's look was not avant-garde. I didn't dislike it, but it was rather quiet and simple. And avant-garde has to make a bigger impact.
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I need a gif of Posen putting up his dukes.
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Haha, yeah his facial expression was hilarious when he did that.
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When they were all sitting around waiting for the deliberations, and Sandya started talking about how glad she was that HER stuff doesn't look like anyone else's, right after they got done talking about how some stuff looked like Alexander McQueen, I could've slapped her. I think Amanda said it best when she said that Sandya was insensitive. That's been my biggest problem with Sandya. (Well, that, and the fact that I think her designs are ugly, but the insensitivity is worse.) When she got everybody's money and proceeded to spend $800 on fabric? Within the rules, but kind of insensitive. When she had immunity and refused to change her design at all to mesh with her team in the movie stuff challenge? Totally insensitive, and I believe she's the reason they lost that challenge. She never seems to think about what other people are feeling, which, ok, it's a competition show. But then she cries about people bullying her. The next week's preview has her upset about something again, and I have a feeling it's going to piss me off.
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Korina's was so bad it looks like she was purely coasting on immunity.

And I'm really upset about this, because her thunderbird concept could have been absolutely amazing.
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She said that outfit would have wings....and then it didn't. Not sure what went wrong for her, but this time they had actually time to make something great.
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I was hoping Kini's outfit would be a boned skirt on a drawstring that his model would slowly pull up as she walked down the runway like an umbrella unfurling and reveal brilliantly colored tights or something fun.

Instead it was vinyl pleats.
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I liked Kini's. It wasn't as original as everyone seemed to think (those pleats were so Leanimal) but it was very dramatic, especially with the hat that everyone hated but me. If any look was giving me McQueen it was his.

Sean's was overpraised. The dye trick was neat but it was all gimmick. Take away the dye trick and you have a decently constructed but otherwise underwhelming sun dress.

I did enjoy that when Sean was announced as the (first) winner, he glanced over at Kini like "Please don't stab me."
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And I am sad about Fade. He seemed like one of those designers that was way better than his edit showed. This was a bad week for him, but I thought he was really underrated by the judges.
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Tim could have saved Fade, but noo, now we are stuck with the middling Char.

This was the episode when the Tim Gunn Save should've been used. Fade's designs were always much better thought out and executed than Char's. What a pity. But he was lost in this challenge, a surprise to me as I'd have thought he'd be great with avant-garde designs. What also surprised me was how badly his dress was made - the neckline didn't even fit and the facings were puckering. Up until now Fade's construction has been impeccable.

Sandhya needs to go home. That outfit was horrendous. It was incredibly unflattering. Nobody would wear it ever for any event or production. It might work for a clown horror movie from the early 70s if the pinwheels were replaced with razor blades. Sandhya has no eye for form or proportion. In that outfit her model looked like she might weigh 200 lbs or might be made of pipecleaners. Who could tell?

I liked Kini's dress almost as much as I did when Christian Siriano made it in 2008. (But I do concede the skirt was clever.)

I thought Sean's design was great, really unusual and genuinely something I've never seen before. I know Alexander McQueen did something similar-ish where a model in a white dress was sprayed by two paint robots, but I thought the rain creating the design showed a level of artistry none of the other designers came close to. And yes, it's an effect you'll get only once, but that's the point of avant-garde, it's not meant to be daywear.
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If anything, Kini was referencing Dior's New Look, right down (up?) to the hat (which I also loved and thought was perfect for the outfit).

I loved it and I also loved Sean's concept of the dye. Gimmicky? It was transformational. As soon as he announced the idea, I knew he'd win it. He also took a big risk, the colors (I thought he was using all the pits) could've turned to mud. He knew to ask his model to twirl around to expose more of the fabric to the rain and to enhance the bleeding. Which meant a full skirt. The dress itself was a pristine white sundress, then a sundress caught in the rain... contrast. He made a plastic underskirt for volume, to keep the dye saturated on the skirt, and to protect the model's legs. I mean, he just thought everything out.

I wonder why none of them used chiffon or similar fabric which would become transparent in the rain?

Still angry that Fade was auf'd but hoping his final collection gets picked up by someone so he can produce a line. The interview with Tim that was posted here a couple weeks ago was very discouraging about post-PR careers in fashion.
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autocorrect. pits ---> pkgs.
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Kini's dress was just a vinyl version of a lot of the things Leanne sent down the runway in her season. He's a fabulous sewer, but he thinks he's the second coming of Christian Siriano, when he's really more of a seamstress than anything.

Sean's dress was beyond basic. It was like someone's second wedding dress, but it had dye packets in it, so that's avant garde, or something.

Sandhya keeps being called "innovative," but she's really not. She has ideas, but they're poorly-executed ideas that don't really say anything. "This is what TV looked like when I was a kid," doesn't really need to be translated into clothing.

So sorry to see Fade go. He really has a distinct point of view, but it's not "rock n' roll" fringe over terrible jumpsuits, so Nina won't go for it.
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I'm bummed about the love for Sandhya. She's sort of like the Patricia of this season. Nothing is wearable, and nothing she makes would sell. Soooo tempted to peek at the Fashion Week runway shows, just to see her monstrosities.

Right now I can't see anyone but Alexander or Sean winning this. Alexander is quite good and seems to be a bit of a dark horse right now. If only someone would teach him how to breathe through his nose. That constant gaping mouth! It makes me crazy.
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Twinbrooke8, New Dior! Now I can't unsee that, right down to the hat shape which is totally New Dior and the big skirt with the tiny waist. But in shiny black vinyl.
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Thanks for asking, lalex. Personally, I don't want to know who went to Fashion Week at this point. I'd prefer to watch the show unspoiled. So I'm in favor of #1 or #2 from your list.
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I vote for #2. Fade's collection and those who come after him won't be shown on tv; this would be a logical time to discuss them.
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À propos logical time, it would also work to discuss all the collections after the last episode aired.
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Personally, I don't want to know who went to Fashion Week at this point.

All the designers who are still on the show went to fashion week, as decoys or actual contestants. So there's no spoilers at all in who went.
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Thanks for the clarification, xingcat. My worry is that if we discuss the decoys some spoilers might be revealed nonetheless about the contestants.
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I'm surprised that none of the judges commented on the butt on Sandhya's outfit looking off.
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My worry is that if we discuss the decoys some spoilers might be revealed nonetheless about the contestants.

I agree. I'd rather not discuss the collections here for this very reason.
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(I can't believe it didn't even occur to me we were discussing Project Runway here! I have many thoughts. Here are some:)

I have a crazy conspiracy theory that the producers have been pushing Sandhya simply to make all the other designer heads explode. I do think there are some interesting ideas there, but they have not been refined or worked fully through. There's a lack of maturity as a designer there, and for all her different colors! different patterns! making her own fabric!, she doesn't synthesize and evolve her ideas at all. I don't know if she's designed in a sheltered environment with little pushback or what, but she is both naive and smug, and it's a bad combination on her, especially since the body of her work is frequently unformed or malformed.

Sean was extremely lucky that the colors worked on his dress the way they did. I appreciate his risk-taking and his idea, but I thought the dress itself - without the color shift - was boring, and for me, the coolness of the gimmick would have been better on a better designed dress. That said, Kiki'd have been better served by the big hat he originally designed,and by doing something ... more ... with the pleats - a contrast color, an unfolding in some way, or something that would show some wild individual streak. That's what I'm not seeing in him - an individual style that says "Kini!" (and clearly, the judges are looking for it since Amanda and Sandhya have both won for some highly idiosyncratic designs).

I loathed the Eye dress. I was already mocking her Cleopatra idea, but the manifestation was far far far uglier (and unEgyptian) than I expected. Amanda, who is caught in the faux-seventies, is prone to these sort of hellscape dresses, but I was so rooting for that dress to be in the bottom.

I was sad to see Fade go because I thought his dress was adorable in concept even as he lost thread in being overwrought by the challenge and making the dress overwrought in execution and stubborn overthought. He was just lost. If he'd done a better job with construction and lost the literal misfire of the buttons, I think he could have eked by. If he had used actual metal for trim and decoration, it would have been more than eke by, I think. But he gave the judges no excuse to save him.
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I'm bummed about the love for Sandhya. She's sort of like the Patricia of this season. Nothing is wearable, and nothing she makes would sell.

Patricia made some weird, conceptual stuff on the show, but her online store has some scarves that are awesome. Expensive sure, but definitely sellable.
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I think the comparison between Sandhya and Patrica is spot on. "Crazy" designs can always be pared-down but boring designs just don't make any impression, they don't even offer hope for something better to come.
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I get that Sandhya is innovative, and I suppose she could work for Lady Gaga or something, I have yet to see anything actually wearable. But it is an art of sorts. That said, her outfit was horrible. Gawdawful.

As for Günter, his designs are cromulent, but they were never going to win. He could design for Banana Republic.

Char...she's a good seamstress, but again, her designs are just not innovative, they may appeal to a rather down-scale mass-market (Rainbow or Cato) but that's about it.

Korina, that shit is just ugly. Even if she HAD pulled off the Thunderbird, I'd REALLY wonder about how it would look. I'm sorry, I thought the blanket coat was fugly. Frankly, 1987 called and they want their Santa Fe-look back

While I thought Sean's dress was a whole-lotta-nutin', I thought he really used the Rainway well with the dye trick. And good for him for not going ape shit trying to do something too ornate (like a Thunderbird.) But in the end it was merely clever.

Kini's win was a retro-active tip of the hat. I don't think he has many weeks left. Honestly, none of the designers is outstanding. They all have their moments, but aside from Sandhya, they're pretty much forgettable. I have yet to see one thing that makes me say, "Gosh, I wish they made that in MY size."
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I guess I've never noticed this before, but what is with Zac Posen's tie-tucked-into-high-waisted-pants look? Egads!

Also, did no one else notice that terrible side-boob on Sean's dress this week? I absolutely loved his concept, but I thought that dress was ill-fitting and boring.
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Not high waisted pants, he wears three-piece suits.
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Can I just say that it is fucking bullshit that Fade went before ALEXANDER? Also, speaking of Alexander, how in the seven hells was he safe this week with that stupid shower curtain nothing of a dress?! And when have they ever, ever put a designer with immunity in the bottom?!? aaaaaaargh. Fade really got in his own head and messed up (I was holding out hope that his edit might be the Mondo-esque tortured artist one instead of the loser edit), but he also got screwed hard this week.

(It's especially painful becuase without giving too many details, I skimmed his decoy on TLo and it looked awesome. The silver lining I guess is that he might end up as this season's Kara Janx.)
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Also, to defend Sandhya's work a little, I have this really weird reaction to her designs, where seeing them in the workroom I always think they're going to just be completely, obviously, plainly ridiculous... up until the absolute last second, and then -- not 100% of the time, but often -- I feel like it suddenly comes together and I get what she's going for and it becomes kind of awesome. Her interpersonal style can grate a little (though I also find her endearing at times) but I have to say that design-wise I think she does really have something.
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And P.S., this, from Patricia, is both beautiful and awesome.
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Oh, Alexander! How the flying flip is the fan favorite every week? I only notice him when he annoys.
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And when have they ever, ever put a designer with immunity in the bottom?!?

This season it has happened to Sandhya and maybe Amanda (if she wasn't in the bottom at least she got some "you're lucky you've got immunity" comment). It might be a new thing though. I just checked Wikipedia and it looks like immunity in the past has protected from even being in the bottom (although it's not completely consistent but that might be due to team challenges, challenges without immunity or just general PR craziness).
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The best comment from a reviewer I've seen this week: "Oh, Fäde, don't be so diacritical of yourself."
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if she wasn't in the bottom at least she got some "you're lucky you've got immunity" comment

Totally but that's kinda what I'm trying to say, though - I can't remember a time where they've actually put them into the bottom 3 for that, and in fact they often imply they would have been there otherwise! (I also remember this happening to Bert from S9 on the unconventional challenge.) The only other exceptions I can think of are as you mentioned the team challenge weirdness (e.g. Sandhya).
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Exactly. So it was actually "Bottom 2". Since Alexander could've been in the bottom, they must have really wanted to auf Fade. He got the Jefferson* treatment.

*First episode, Jefferson was auf'd over Mitchell's junior separates. And Fade made that gorgeous dress that was only safe!
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Not high waisted pants, he wears three-piece suits.

If those are three-piece suits, those have to be the weirdest, lowest vests ever. I don't know what I'm looking at, I just know it looks really odd to me.
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I don't know what to say other than have a look at men's fashion. Low cut waistcoats all around. Bradley Cooper, P.Diddy, Brad Pitt, Jamie Redknapp and Mr. Zac Posen himself, standing and sitting.
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I see now that these low cut vest things are a THING. Well, I've learned something new today. Thanks, travelwithcats.
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It's no "putting up his dukes" but this AV Club Gif almost makes up for it.
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The AV Club's recaps of Project Runway are always things of beauty. They are such masterpieces. I was so sad when they stopped reviewing the show regularly, so I was surprised and excited to see this week's episode covered. I really hope they keep it up.
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For drezdn.
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Thank you!
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BTW the fridge product placement was hilarious this week -- makes me extra sad there won't be more of Fade this season. I loved watching Kini get kind of taken aback with how Fade was deliberately overselling it.
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I just got around to watching last weeks episode. Bummed to see Fade go, but his dress was pretty weak. Hopefully the 2-day time limit will be the standard going forward!
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The next PR All Star designers have been announced, starts Oct 30.
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Chris March!
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I love Chris! Last time I saw him he was on RHONYC designing a costume for Sonja Morgan to wear at a costume party. But why won't they bring back Kenley? All the other designers hated her during her season.
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OMGOMGOMG I love Chris March!

I don't think he stands a chance of winning, given how his designs are sometimes too weird and over the top for most judges. But, then again, real hair has been a bit more prevalent in fashion since his season, hasn't it?
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What are Michelle and Dmitry doing at the All Stars? They already won once! Move over for the hidden gems, please!

Also: Zanna Roberts Rassi, again? Barf! And I really do not want to hear a single word more about the "Gorgeous Georgina Chapman" ™©.
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Super excited about: Chris March, Fabio Costa (SHOULD HAVE WON HIS SEASON), Patricia Michaels

GMAFB: Kate Pankoke. Come the fuck on.
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I mean right now my inner drag queen is looking through her purse for something constructive to say about Kate Pankoke and all she can find is three "girl, byes" and a half-eaten muffin
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I've only ever called Kate "Luke" after the Modern Family character.

Re: this episode, Fade's dress was pretty terrible, but I don't know how that plastic cone with purple potato peels glued to it didn't end up in the bottom. I'm glad we're getting down to a handful of designers but I don't really like any of them as designers. I like Char's interviews, she just seems to ego-free that it's refreshing.

Fade was the first eliminated designer to have produced a decoy runway collection; it's up at TLo's.

Text on clothes makes me twitch angrily, but the black/red/orange dress looks amazing in that picture, and same with the last look.
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I've only ever called Kate "Luke" after the Modern Family character.

I've always gone with Kate Pancake, because it's so easy and almost rhymes. But both her and Gunnar Deatherage have been on two seasons of the regular show, I feel like they've had their chance (and their second chance).

Anyway, for you Chris March fans, you know he's had his own reality show, right? It was called Mad Fashion and was about his design business. It looks like it only ran for one season (on Bravo). But if you're a fan you might be able to find it somewhere, maybe.
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I love me some Justin - this might get me to watch the All-Stars run!
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