Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Guantanamo Bay
October 21, 2016 3:10 PM - Season 3, Episode 25 - Subscribe

For the week of 10/9:
  • Trump's tape talking to Billy Bush bragging about being able to grope women. A portion of it on YouTube (5m)
  • And Now: A Look Back At Billy Bush's Creepy Bromance With Donald Trump YouTube (1m10s)
  • Main story: Guantanamo Bay, President Obama's continued difficulties in closing it, and the true meaning of "Freedom Isn't Free." YouTube (21m)
  • And Now: A look Back At Billy Bush Being Creepy With Everyone. YouTube (1m20s)
  • Another look at Chechnya leader Ramzan Kadyrov, who's now running a reality show and staging martial arts battles among children. This is the guy who Oliver teased earlier this year, asking "Is this your cat?"

Election 2016: "Or, 'Oh I Get It: We All Died, And This Is Hell, And Satan Has Cursed Us To Live Out This Nightmare For All Eternity 2016.'"
Chechnya: "Russia's Florida."

F. 37: "Armageddon," picture of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton after the second debate, caption "TOWN HALL DEBATE."
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If you wear a casio watch be sure to watch the Guantanamo segment.

(I'd remind writing your congressperson but, yeah, piffle)
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I just noticed that the Youtube titlebar for Last Week Tonight has two quotes, one ascribed to Donald Trump: "Very Boring".

The other is the WSJ: "Makes People Dumb".

Dunno, it tickled me. Almost as much as Colbert tweaking Trump's by bringing his two Emmy awards onstage.
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