Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Third Party Candidates
November 6, 2016 10:55 AM - Season 3, Episode 26 - Subscribe

Week of 10/16:
  • Donald Trump has had quite the week as multiple women come forward with news of unwanted contact. Trump continues to rotate wildly, lashing out at both Clinton's campaign and his own. But dangerously he also loudly proclaims at rallys, "The election is rigged!"
  • And Now: The Most Patient Man on Television (Steve Scully): 2016 Election Edition
  • The issues with third party candidates Gary Johnson (Libertarian) and Jill Stein (Green), who despite Johnson's loud recorded protestations, have a high chance of being spoilers this election cycle. YouTube (19m)
  • And Finally: A Glimpse Into the Innter Workings of the Most Patient Man on Television

2016 Election: "Or as you may know it, I Don't Even Believe in Past Lives, But I Must Have Done Something Really Terrible in a Past Life To Deserve This I'm Sorry I'm Sorry I'm Sorry 2016"
2016 Election: "Live on Rats on a Horse Corpse on Fire 2016"
Jill Stein: "The candidate who looks as if she believes most that carob is just as good as chocolate."
Gary Johnson: "The two-term governor of New Mexico, and the man whom, in most photographs, seems to be about 80% sure he's running for President."

F. 37 Samsung Galaxy Note 7: "Hotus Pocketus"

A campaign video for Joe Exotic
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I'm working through the backlog, the other two should be up shortly. Sorry to be late with these, sometimes it's not easy keeping up!
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The return of the most patient man in the universe! My wishes have been fulfilled!
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