Beyond Westworld: Full first season/ entire show
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John Moore is the Security Chief of the Delos Corporation, the people who made futuristic playgrounds where robotic humanoids existed only to serve the whims of the guests. But one of the chief scientists from Delos, Simon Quaid, has gone rogue because he wanted more from the robots than toys for wealthy people. It's up to Moore and Special Agent Pamela Williams, a fellow scientist and security specialist at Delos, to stop Quaid and his plans for vengeance and control. Beyond Westworld intro and theme song; official preview clip (3 minutes)

Despite the fact that Beyond Westworld was nominated for two Primetime Emmy Awards (Outstanding Achievement in Makeup and Outstanding Art Direction For a Series), only five episodes were produced, and only three of them were aired before cancellation.

For more vintage stage-setting, here's the first episode's opening, closing, & original commercials (14 minutes)

Beyond Westworld (1980) DVD Review: ...Where EVERYTHING Went Worng!
So it's a television spin-off set between the original film (FanFare) and its sequel (FanFare), but which wholly ignores them and is set in a weird unannounced alternate reality. Got it. (2014 review, in advance of the HBO reboot [FanFare] taking off [MetaFilter])
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I only suggest tracking this down if you like cheesy 70s/80s sci-fi. Each of the five episodes could be boiled down to "Quaid has a devious plan that involves robots that can't be discerned from people, but Moore figures out the plot, destroys the robot(s) and saves the day." Every. Single. Time.
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Wow that looks... hey look, Connie Selleca! Did you know she's married to John Tesh? She used to be married to Gil Gerard, Buck Rogers himself!

And she was in Captain America 2: Death Too Soon!

In which Christopher Lee holds Portland for ransom with a serum that will age everyone to death in like a minute.

Seriously. Portland, Oregon.

There have been better Captain America movies too...
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Wow, those socks!
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