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As Jane's past and primary purpose is revealed to the Kurt's FBI team, they must decide whether they can ever trust her again as part of the team. We learn about Jane's real identity and origins, while she struggles with loyalty for either side.


I doubt many people here are watching this. But I think this season's actually have more teeth than the last and there's definitely better character development.
- Mayfair's death put Kurt in even more burden since he has to take her position as well as lead his team. Although so far it doesn't look like he's handled much for the rest of the department.
- The NSA's Naz is an interesting character, in that I'm constantly questioning her primary goal. She's certainly a good foil for both Kurt and Jane, almost a mediator.
- I'm a little skeptical about where they're going to Reade. And after the most recent episode, reeeeally skeptical about how that's going to play out. I know Zapata will be loyal to him, but for how long?
- I think the most enjoyable part so far is Jane's struggle to betray Sandstorm, supposedly her family. And on top of that it seems like she's coming around to their mission, while trying to figure out how to reduce the body count.
- And the tattoos of course are still a great story engine.
- Patterson and Borden are totes adorbs
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I was very intrigued by the first season (I liked Sullivan Stapleton as an flawed but loyal action star from Strike Back) and the "solving the tattoo puzzles" was interesting.

Haven't caught up with the latest episode, but season 2 feels a little less polished and a little less well thought out. Still plenty of time for the season to end strong, although I'm not holding my breath.

It's not like the first season was particularly believable but this season has required more suspension of disbelief from me, especially the procedural aspects and the "nick of time" tattoo solvage.

Do appreciate the "what can change the nature of a man person" aspect (how much nurture/nature contributes to one's outlook/behaviour; and whether amnesia is enough to completely wipe out nurture).

Patterson and Borden

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Oh between Quantico and every other show about the FBI I already knew to suspend my disbelief about how they actually operate and just take all their logistics at face value.
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about how they actually operate

Egregiously so in Covert Affairs.
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I saw the season opener and it really verges on satire, the beautiful enigmatic star/mcguffin all-in-one is tortured during summer break, escapes in the nick of time for the first episode, has insane family revelations about the hugest world wide conspiracy ever, is known to be a brutal killer by the FBI but she's invited back to be a "team member" and just says sure guys. Wacky so I'll probably watch at some point, but like Walking Dead for me it'd be better to have the ad's stripped on netfix so it's easier to ignore the inconsistencies while binging. ;-)
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- And the tattoos of course are still a great story engine.

Yes and no...they've gotten a lot sloppier about timing, in re: the tattoos, this season. Last season they were pretty careful to have an explanation for why the tattoos were decoded in just the nick of time - most commonly, it was "the FBI starting to poke around and ask questions is what triggered the crisis". This season they've gotten sloppier about that.

Also, the conspiracy/Sandstorm stuff is starting to get to that point where it can't possibly live up to the hype/buildup. There's also a much stronger sense I get this season that they're flying by the seat of their pants and haven't thought all the way ahead, so they're much more likely to write themselves into a corner IMO. Last season felt a little more restrained in that regard.

That said, I like Nas, and I like the character development we've gotten for everyone else, so far. Jane's ambivalence is very well-done.

Patterson and Borden

Definitely adorkable, but I'm calling it now: Borden is Sandstorm's asset in the FBI.

like Walking Dead for me it'd be better to have the ad's stripped on netfix so it's easier to ignore the inconsistencies while binging.

Definitely the way to watch. One thing that's been consistently great about this show is that it flies along at a very rapid pace with very little padding-out-of-episodes, so it's easy to let yourself get sucked in and just enjoy the crazy ride.
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Borden is Sandstorm's asset in the FBI.

Yep. Turns out the "Evil Agency" insider is the "ethnic-type" psychologist.
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To catch up this thread. So yeah, Borden being the insider is disappointingly expected, but I do like his story, even up to his death he was firm in his beliefs, which actually has meaningful real world context, because that's how a lot of terrorists stay entrenched in their mission. A consequence of war is the creation of such harsh reactions.

The show is slowly heading to a path of no returns with some of the characters, and while the development is good, the looming finale seems... unhappy. Nas sacrificed herself; Reade might not recover; Roman and Jane definitely will have a confrontation about who really wiped his memory; and Kurt's involvement with Sandstorm might be more disastrous than expected. (BTW, as soon as they found that out, they should've flew him to a remote corner of the planet where he can't be used)

My favorite thing about the second half of this season is that since it came back from the midseason break all the episode titles have been palindromes!

ep. 10: Nor I, Nigel, AKA Leg in Iron
ep. 11: Droll Autumn, Unmutual Lord
ep. 12: Devil Never Even Lived
ep. 13: Name Not One Man
ep. 14: Borrow or Rob
ep. 15: Draw O Caesar, Erase a Coward
ep. 16: Evil Did I Dwell, Lewd I Did Live <> ep. 17: Solos
ep. 18: Senile Lines
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arg missed the edit window. I was trying to do an arrow at ep. 16 saying, that's my favorite, how awesome is that??
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