Ghost Ship (2002)
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Cited recently on the blue for its grand guignol opening scene, this movie is actually a horrible turd, but it's a delicious hate watches that still manages a few truly memorable moments, some intentional, some not so much.

The plot, if it matters:
A salvage crew that discovers a long-lost 1962 passenger ship floating lifeless in a remote region of the Bering Sea soon notices, as they prepare to tow it back to land, that strange things happen.
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Thing is, nothing that happened after that awesomely ridiculous first scene could ever top or even match it.

This is one of those movies that I used to try to watch whenever it would pop up somewhere on cable, but it would just slip right off my brain every time I tried. Nothing about it beyond that weird Final Destination-y opening is even remotely memorable.
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The girlfriend photo, man.

When I saw the movie, it was just me, my girlfriend, and, elsewhere in the theater, three very high teenagers. When Greer finally shows the photo of his girlfriend, two of the teenagers laughed unmercifully. Oh man, that's not cool, said the third.

That's when I knew he had a photo just like the one in the film is his very own wallet.
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Nothing about it beyond that weird Final Destination-y opening is even remotely memorable.

I only saw Ghost Ship on cable once, but the one scene which stuck with me aside from the opening scene was when the little girl ghost is showing Julianna Margulies how she died. Just the contrast between how scared and alive she was then, and how blank and resigned she is at watching her own death for the umpteenth time.

The movie left me feeling unsettled/disturbed afterwards, so, as horror movies go, this one was effective, on me at least.
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That first scene was just great. It's been years since I've seen it, but I remember thinking the rest of it was pretty much exactly what I expected - a little 2-2.5 star horror movie with a few really good moments and a few "really? oh no no no" parts where it could've/should've been better.
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I've actually never been able to make it through this entire movie. I've tried a bunch of times because the opening scene is SO GREAT but dear god, the rest of the movie is INCREDIBLY BORING. (At least to me.)
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As was pointed out in the blue, the Rock Hudson romcom-style credits are awesome, too.
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Strangely I do not remember the opening (so now I have to go back and watch it). I remember one scene in particular with the hot singer, but that's about it.
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