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We've watched The Sandbaggers, Smiley's People and Tinker, Tailor, Solider, Spy, The Americans. What else could we include?

I'm thinking of:
Spooks / MI-5
Three Days Of The Condor
Safe House
A Perfect Spy
Danger Man
Deutschland 83
The Good Shepherd
The Game
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Charlie Wilson's War
A Most Wanted Man
The Good Shepherd

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The Night Manager, SpyGame, Body of Lies, The Lives of Others, The Mackintosh Man, The Parallax View, Breach, The Debt.
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I really liked The Game.

Spooks/MI5 is more 24 style action-y, but it's still entertaining. There is A LOT of it though if you go with the Brit Spooks (the American MI5 is a handful of excerpted seasons/series from the beginning of the run). Just, uh, don't get too attached to nearly any of the protagonists.
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Hopscotch is a classic Stale Beer spy movie.
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Slow Horses! I'll toss a post up, if I can figure out how these club things work.
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I feel like Spy Game is underrated in this genre. "What if Redford's character from Sneakers went to Vietnam instead of college/Canada?"
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