Legends of Tomorrow: Compromised
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I'm sorry but even in the 80s there is no way you could have just whipped off your visitor's badge and wandered around the White House. Nope. Not buying that at all. And I'm pretty sure you would have had an awful time trying to sneak weapons in as well.

Speaking of weapons, why couldn't Ray just freeze the bomb? Doesn't the cold usually stop electricity and circuits? Okay, I understand why they wanted to make a big deal about Ray modifying Snart's gun, but they could have given us a throwaway line like "even freezing the relay won't work because of hand-waving-pseudo-science." I still don't know why Ray can't make another Atom suit. Surely he knows how he built the first one, and he's got access to all this incredible future tech which should make things easier. Admittedly he doesn't have the money to go out and buy new parts and materials but somehow I'm betting there's an easy workaround for that issue.

I'm also not sure I completely buy Sara's willingness to give up her early revenge plan on Damien. I still think she'd want to find some way to prevent her sister dying, even if she's fine with Damien meeting his fate at Oliver's hands.

When Todd said he couldn't go on the last mission for security reasons, I thought they were going to leave the explanation off, but I should know these shows always come around to pounding nails with the biggest hammers they can find and doing so in the most obvious manner possible. Which, of course leads into the next romantic set-up: Steel and Vixen. Heaven forbid they just let the relationship develop naturally without telegraphing "here's what we're planning on doing with these characters, kids." You would have hoped the writers would have learned by now that the worst relationships on the show are the predestined ones (the Hawks) and the best ones are the organic ones (Mick and Ray).

If Martin's own history has been altered, what does that mean for his future self and the actions of the team? (Somehow I doubt we'll ever get a straight answer to that question.)

On the fashion front, my first reaction was there was no way what Sara had on would be acceptable attire for at state dinner in that time period, but then after the fight broke out I could see why they wanted to dress he in something that would allow for kicking and leg squeezing, so I guess I can give them a bare pass this time.
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Not buying that at all.

No, plausibility has never been this show's strong point. :-)

The Miami Vice & Danger Zone musical cues were cute. The Steel/Vixen setup was so blatant they might as well have animated giant arrows over their heads. At least with Ray/Kendra they marooned them in the 1960's for years to give them off-screen time for the relationship to supposedly develop. But Vixen just lost whats-his-name days ago, the idea that she'd fall for Nate in the near future is pretty ridiculous.

Fun episode overall, though this is the wrong week for any of my escapist fiction to be set in D.C., ugh.
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I actually laughed when Mick punched the radio, which was a first for me for this show. Overall, Sara and Mick are carrying the show for me. I still pine for snart. Steely Dan is too goofy. Martin is acting according to what the director wants, but the character is very annoying, and he and Jefferson have no chemistry (pun intended I guess).
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I'm imagining a plotline where Ray realizes he's gradually shrinking, having absorbed the dwarf star alloy while wearing the suit. The team has to chase down a macguffin so that he can build a control belt.

I liked how they handled Obsidian's homosexuality. This show doesn't generally do subtle, but they managed it this time.
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Oh, I hope they take that approach to Ray, sevenyearlurk. That would be a great development.

The other thing that bugged me was why did Thawne needed the time sphere/bubble if he doesn't ride in it? Okay it allowed him to give Damien a lift but why bother with the hassle of dragging a useless vehicle through time?
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this important message brought to you by Tumblr

okay so hear me out:

Rip Hunter, after being a sad, grieving wreck for the entirety of season 1, returns to being the stone cold badass (debatable, but we’ll go with it for now) who made time pirates quake in their boots. he’s got his own failsafe in place, something even Rip “Bad at Plans” Hunter could think up and pull off.

he scatters the rest of his team throughout time, and spouts a lot of crap about a captain never abandoning his ship, okay, sure. but Mick’s there, and he figures that if the Waverider doesn’t blow up, that Mick will get the team back together (with a ton of help from Gideon), and he’s not sure he’ll survive the explosion. so he activates his failsafe.

and he shows up in Salvation. in the Old West. and he hunts down Jonah Hex.

and now, with Jonah, there’s nothing holding him back. no girlfriend back home, no team, no strings. so they roam the Old West as a pair of crime-fighting boyfriends, and it’s GREAT.

and then the team finds him.

they have to hide out in a fragmentation again and, of course, they choose Salvation.

and when Rip sees the Waverider touch down outside of town, his only response is to sigh, take Jonah’s hand, and walk with him out of Salvation, and on to the Waverider, to save history together.

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also I think it was a huge tonal mistake when Thawne ran around the time bubble thing instead of jumping in and operating it like a hamster ball
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this important message brought to you by Tumblr

Shouldn't we link to the tumblr post itself, or is that considered bad etiquette? (link to where I saw it).

I lurk that tumblr, was very amused when she jumped into the fandom last month with this entry:
There are shows that are bad, and then there are shows that are so gleefully, wholeheartedly terrible that you barely blink an eyelid when the time-travelling hero reveals that his dazzling escape from an Ancient Egyptian prison, built up to via flashbacks for almost an entire season?

actually happened by bribing the guard with a novelty pen

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That's where I saw it too. I really wasn't sure about the etiquette. I'd be really hesitant to link to my own tumblr, so I'm not inclined to link to anyone else's either, unless it's a million-note post. Funny story - that post about the novelty pen is what pushed me to watch the show in the first place
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I'd be really hesitant to link to my own tumblr

I feel like Fanfare linking is safe enough, since it's only AskMe & Mefi comments/posts that occasionally go viral (so far, anyway)? That the real breach would be making a connection between someone's tumblr name/url and their mefi username?
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Yeah, and especially when it comes to fanfiction I should really source the writers, this is true.
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