Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: When Will Josh and His Friend Leave Me Alone?
November 12, 2016 3:48 PM - Season 2, Episode 4 - Subscribe

"Heather goes to rescue Rebecca after a major accident; Rebecca tries to reinvent herself; Paula must put things back together at work and finds herself at a crossroads."

If you, too, wondered if Greg is gone for good, it's true.

Long-awaited Valencia sighting did not disappoint.
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Tap dancing! Miss Douche! This episode was great.

I'm sad that Greg left, but more Heather means the sarcasm quotient remains the same.
It bummed me out that Paula didn't confide in Rebecca at all about her pregnancy, but it probably was a wise decision not to tell her.
I wonder if things will get less Josh-centric now, or at least less Josh-and-Rebecca-centric. Maybe we'll get to explore the worlds of Heather and Valencia more.
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Oh my gods when he first said "shitshow" I completely fucking lost it.
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It made sense for the character to leave but I love Greg. Also I am finding Paula and Rebecca's friendship sadder and sadder.

I am not a Valencia fan, though I think she was poorly done by last season. So I will see how they reintroduce her. And more Heather!
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Are we going to talk about Paula's abortion and her family's easy support????
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I am very sad about Greg (and Santino Fontana) leaving. I understand why it has to happen for the show, but this episode nailed every single reason I will miss him.

Someone needs to cast Fontana and Vincent Rodriguez in a musical together. Something where they get to do a dance number. The Producers?

Is it just me or has Rodriguez's voice gotten better over the past season? Or is it just that he's getting more singing this season? He is of course the guy who gets the most athletic dance moves.

Oh Paula. I'm so sad that she felt she couldn't tell Rebecca about her abortion. That's a bad sign for their friendship. And I think it's eventually going to come out.

Now that Rebecca is moving in with Heather and - I'll bet - Valencia - will she and Paula stop being close? I worry.

Does this mean Heather will finally get a song of her own?

Loved seeing Heather's parents. I hope they're in more episodes. It makes perfect sense that Heather would have those parents.
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Greg leaving was because of the actor, not the story:
The actor confirmed the news to Vulture on Friday, saying that he only signed a one-year contract with the series, and was faced with a hard choice when it was picked up for Season 2: “It was a really tough decision, and it had a lot to do with my family and my base in New York.”
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I'm glad they're moving on (quickly!) from the Greg/Josh/Rebecca love triangle, but I will miss Greg. I had assumed that his leaving was temporary in order to focus on other characters/situations, but nope. Greg and Rebecca always made a lot more sense to me than Rebecca and Josh, even if it was also unhealthy and they didn't actually end up together.

This episode was great. I giggled like a kid at all of the Miss Douche stuff, and I really enjoyed the introduction to Heather's parents, especially the very pointed lampshading of the fact that the show has never mentioned them before. I always notice and appreciate when the financial situations of characters on shows seem reasonable, and, while I don't know anything about the real estate prices in West Covina (which I recently learned was a real place!), it seemed unlikely that a student/part-time bar employee was making enough to afford a whole townhouse by herself. So I found that strangely satisfying to learn that, no, she actually wasn't.
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I loved this episode so much. It really shows how good this show is with character.

rednikki, you were right last week about the abortion and I thought the way it was handled was so right on: Paula was reluctant because of her religion, but but it didn't make sense for her family, and it would prevent her from going for her dream, so she did it with a bit of witsfulness but without a lot of fanfare. I mean, everyone I know who has had an abortion, that's been pretty much how it went (except maybe without the religion bit). I'm contrasting this with the standard melodramatic abortion plot-line you typically get that ends in a "convenient" miscarriage or a completely unlikely pregnancy. This shows how important it is to have women as showrunners and writers. (Though of course that's no guarantee. Gilmore Girls writers, take note. I'm still mad at you about Lane.)

I also found it sad but really believable that Paula wouldn't have told Rebecca. It's so interesting to watch Paula's story play out, as she goes from being primarily a nurturer (and sort of codependent) to going after what she as an individual wants.

I loved Heather's parents. I hope we get to see more of them, they are so fun and really remind me of Boomer parents I know.

Greg's two songs were great. I will so miss him, but I'm really excited for more Heather and the return of Valencia.
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Songs are up on the CW YouTube. So I keep watching "Shitshow" and making myself sad all over again.

I'm sure one day I'll have coherent thoughts about the rest of this pretty damn brilliant episode but I started the week out broken-hearted and now I'm just CRUSHED FLAT.
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"MOM! I'll get the door because you just had an abortion!"
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It just occurred to me tonight...we've never had a song from Josh's POV, have we? He's had a number of songs but they're always the Josh that lives in Rebecca's head. We've had songs from Greg's POV, from Paula's, from Darryl's, even Valencia's - but never Josh's. (I'm not counting his bit in California Christmastime - I mean solo numbers.)

I wonder if that will be a sign that Rebecca is having a breakthrough - if we get a song from Josh's POV?
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"Angry Mad" was all Josh. He's not the most aware of his own feelings, though, which is why he's such a terrible romantic partner.
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It seems entirely within the realm of possibility and the tone of this show that Greg will now go to Emory, get his degree, then return triumphantly to West Covina later. That would give Rebecca some time to get her head out of her ass and be ready for something real.

Rebecca Bunch is fascinating as a character because I like her and am rooting for her even as I find her a terrible person whose many failures are a ceaseless source of entertainment.
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Now that we've had an episode without the "Blam!", I realize that I really miss it.
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Every time the "Blam!" is played, my dude laughs out loud. It's hilarious.
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Is this the first episode with no title card at all?
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I think so. I thought I had fast-forwarded past it, but no, it just wasn't there. It makes sense for this episode. They can reallocate that time to the story, and set a different, less silly tone (at least for Greg's departure. Tap That Ass wasn't exactly somber...)
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No, I saw Rachel say on Twitter the other day, the lack of credits was deliberate because of time constraints.
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I figured we got more Greg instead of the intro. That would be a sensible trade.
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Yeah, this seems like a real turn for the show. It seems like it's going to start focusing on women more than the chase of men...maybe. Kinda makes the "I'm Just A Girl In Love" theme song seem wrong now though. (Then again, I preferred that one.) I think Rebecca may need to move on to Heather as a bestie since Paula looks like she's extricating herself from Rebecca's drama enough to make that friendship go by the wayside. It's a good thing Heather likes watching trainwrecks.

Fontana really does have singing chops. That and the "Tap That Ass" mutual man-tapping was a delight.

Did not recognize Valencia.
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