Welcome to Night Vale: 98 - Flight
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Spoilers within.
RIP Violet, and only Violet, the only innocent head on Hiram Daniels.

Night Vale mourns too.

I kept expecting Josie to die in this one given the tone of how it's going, but so far no.
posted by jenfullmoon at 10:46 AM on November 16, 2016

Do you think the outcome was always going to be this bleak (it is Night Vale after all) or that it was written to fit the zeitgeist of 'this has dragged on so long with such ominous possibilities but now the day is here and look, hope might prevail, here it is, never mind fuck everything'?

The tone brought out the same feelings of hope followed by crushing defeat as this past week in politics and also the episode a couple years ago where Cecil tries to rally the town against Strex and includes Morse code calls to action and cuts to the weather on a note of imminent triumph... and no one responds.
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Loved the "hole in the wall hidden behind a poster of a hole in the wall" gag, and how the definition of "home" keeps being broadened to let the FOWHSLIYH get up to no good.
But yeah, hell of an ending, and it upends what sounds like a move to make Cecil take over some of Josie's responsibilities, at least for now.
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Flannery Culp: I think it was written to fit the zeitgeist.
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Carlos Watch: It has been ❼ episodes since the last mention of Carlos. I feel like Cecil could use a visit by Carlos about now.
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I am very worried about the lack of Carlos, which is kind of strange because when he was in the Desert Otherworld I felt like it was ALL CARLOS ALL THE TIME and it started bugging me. But now that he is here, no Carlos?!?! Wha?!?!
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