Lucifer: Homewrecker
November 22, 2016 4:22 AM - Season 2, Episode 9 - Subscribe

Lucifer and Chloe investigate the murder of the owner of the building in which Lux is located, while Maze and Amenadiel shadow Charlotte, who launches a plan to upset Lucifer to the point he'll want to leave Earth.
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Great scene with Dr. Linda and Charlotte. Nice to see the tiny one stand up to the big one. (Seriously that height difference was a hoot!) It's nice that Dr. Linda has fully recovered and has her wits about her, enabling her to go toe to toe with Lucifer's mother.

It was also great fun watching Maze and Amenadiel spy on Charlotte and Dan. I don't recall the specifics, but he should have worked on her case, right? Does he not realize she's married or does he not care? I would have thought he'd have some moral code about getting involved with a married woman (even if Charlotte isn't, her body is), but perhaps he's as much of a douche as Lucifer claims.

So Lucifer is coming to terms with his feelings. That's going to lead to some tension in the next few episodes.
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While last week's had me laughing out loud (for the first time since the election) repeatedly, this week's only gave me a few chuckles. (People do watch this as a comedy, right? It's not just me?) I miss Trixie. I miss Amenadiel stopping time.

I saw the landmark/preservation angle from the minute he mentioned Ava G., but wouldn't that just preserve the building, not the club? I mean, would the broken mirror really have to be preserved? Does the club, itself, date back? (That said, now we know about the secret passages below, those will have to be used at some point, right?)
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In theory, the reason the owner wanted to sell the club was to tear it down and but something in it's place. Depending on the historic district rules, being on the landmark list might prohibit significant physical or structural changes. Like they couldn't take all the period windows and replace them with vinyl windows, or if they wanted to install solar panels, they'd have to be done in a very non-obtrusive way. Most districts would encourage the preservation of significant interior features like the mirror, but you wouldn't be required to leave a broken mirror in place if it was a hazard. But if you did replace it, you would want to do so with a mirror of similar provenance or at least of the same period.

Landmark status or National Register status doesn't ensure a building won't be destroyed, but it does make it more complex to do so and in many cases serves as a deterrent.
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