Lucifer: Quid Pro Ho
November 28, 2016 9:17 PM - Season 2, Episode 10 - Subscribe

Charlotte tries to turn Chloe against Lucifer in an effort to get him to depart Earth; Amenadiel becomes Charlotte's soldier, leaving Maze to question his loyalty.
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I loved the confused look on Amenadiel's face when Dr Martin said Hellion.

There's lots of nice touches like that in this second series.
They seem to be having fun with the celestial elements instead of being wary of them like in the first.
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Well it'll be interesting to see where that goes. I foresee another trip to stabby town by the end of the season or perhaps in the first episode of next season, but maybe they'll resolve it some other way. The show has occasionally gone in unexpected ways, after all.
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This was--I want to say "fun" but that's not quite the right word--satisfying, I guess.

We're finally getting into the reason why Chloe affects Lucifer the way she does, which surprises me. I thought they were going to drag that mystery out until the end of the show (and then possibly leave the answer hanging).

We're slowly working our way to the family therapy sessions that people were joking about last episode post. It was great to see Amenadiel back together with Dr. Linda. More of that please, especially now that she can call him on his actions with the knowledge of his true nature behind her.

I have to say I'm relieved with the details. At first when Amenadiel started telling the story of being called down by his father, I thought it was going to be to clean up dad's mess (i.e. that God was Chloe's father). I thought we'd be in the running for an even creepier brother/sister romantic relationship than Barry and Iris on the Flash. Bullet narrowly dodged.

It seems that there is a move to the dark side by most of the cast, except for the leads. Amandiel seems to be willing to plot with Charlotte, and Dan has partnered up with Maze to get some "justice" for Chloe--although how that's going to help unravel the bigger picture seems to have escaped Dan. Oh well, the Dan and Maze pairing should be interesting to watch for a while, especially if they end up making Amandiel jealous.

This show really works when it's playing with the bigger themes and downplaying the crime of the week stuff. I hope it continues along that path.
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>This show really works when it's playing with the bigger themes and downplaying the crime of the week stuff.

Funny, I was coming to say the opposite! Without a crime of the week frame work, I'm finding the episodes directionless and difficult to pay attention to. I don't care at all about what Lucifer's mother is doing, and I've tuned out of any scene with her yakking at either of her sons.

Mushy stories with no one-hour arc about family drama might play better for streaming for me, but it's not the kind of thing I can do from week to week. But I'm at odds with what most people want from TV these days since I almost never care about plot mysteries like "what's up with Chloe?" or "what's in the hatch?" I'm much more compelled by a solid episode that has a beginning, conflict, and resolution of it's own.

I also like cases of the week because it gives us cop shop stuff, which I find more fun than family drama.
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Got sucked into watching a bunch of Lucifer fan-vids on youtube today:

-Take Me To Church
-do I scare you?
-Way Down We Go
-Way Down We Go (different vidder)
-High Hopes
-Angel with a Shotgun
-Hello Again Small Human (Lucifer & Trixie)
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Lucifer goes around claiming he's the devil, something I clearly think is bunk, but he never lies!.... Yeah, I dunno on that one.

Lucifer acting out testimony with a juror's scarf and getting applause from the room....uh-huh.

I guess reading law books and showing up looking hot still doesn't make you good at trial?

Poor Dan.
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