3%: Chapter 5: Water (Água)
November 27, 2016 3:06 PM - Season 1, Episode 5 - Subscribe

Painful memories come flooding back to Ezequiel as Aline reveals what she's learned and offers to keep it quiet--for a price.

*Aline says she'll keep quiet about Augusto if Ezequiel resigns as director at the end of this year's Process and recommends her for his replacement.
*In flashback we learn that Ezequiel became process director 5 years ago, the 99th year of the Process, and his wife, Julia, was happily at his side.
*In the next year, Julia becomes distraught after watching an anti-Causa raid in which a bystander is killed, and later lashes out and hits an eliminated candidate. Matheus tries to convince Ezequiel to send Julia to the Recovery & Treatment Center, but he refuses.
*At the following year's Process, Julia reveals the truth to Ezequiel, that she had a son before she was 20, Augusto, and that he was the little boy visible in the raid footage, that because of the Process his caretaker was shot. Desperate to see him, she tries to leave the facility with the eliminated candidates, but Ezequiel stops her, and sends her to the Recovery & Treatment Center.
*Julia does not recover, and instead weights herself down and walks into the ocean to drown.
*Ezequiel begins visiting Augusto.
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Wow, there's a deep depth to the various characters and this episode is amazing example of that. There's nothing really exceptional about the reveal of Ezequiel's past, but the acting and directing is top-notch and gives a huge grounding to the show. Only 8 episodes and I don't want it to be over, but it feels tight in a way that the 13 episode series aren't. Very little feels wasted and it feels like I'm being told a story by a masterful storyteller.
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Oh, and the composition of Julia's tears falling on the screen under the little boys eye, as if he was crying, was a fucking masterpiece.
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