3%: Chapter 6: Glass (Vidro)
November 27, 2016 4:13 PM - Season 1, Episode 6 - Subscribe

Candidates find a tempting offer waiting for them in their new dorm rooms. Those who decide to stay face daunting individual tests.

*In the individual dorms, everyone gets 30 minutes to decide whether they will quit and receive a payoff of coins, or continue on in the Process.
*Fernando's father insists that he continue to have faith in the Process, and that he will disown him if he quits.
*Rafael's mother tells him she will reveal that he is actually Taigo, and that he betrayed his own brother (the real Rafael) if he doesn't take the money, but he refuses, says he'll say she was in on it and get all her other/future children banned from the Process.
*A stranger is in Joana's dorm, says he was sent by Gerson for the bounty but will let her pay him off with the prize coins if she'll quit, but she fights free and says she'll never quit, and it turns out he was actually sent by Ezequiel as part of the test. They know she faked her registration but pass her on merit despite the lie.
*Nair tells Ezequiel Aline gave a glowing recommendation, that now his position is safe until he chooses to resign.
*Ezequiel goes to Augusto and says he won't be back again. Ezequiel tells Cassia that Aline is blackmailing him but won't say with what.
*Fernando and Michele sleep together.
*At the summit meeting to discuss the remaining individual tests, Aline throws her weight around and Ezequiel is silent.
*Michele's test is to tell Bruna's parents about her death, and convince them to still sign their younger daughter up for her Process. She does and passes.
*Fernando's individual test is to come up with a new test for the Process. He comes up with a variation of the coin box test, and passes.
*Rafael individual test is to project an image of the Founder & Foundress at once, via switches at opposite ends of room, so he must convince someone to help him. Joana will only help if he tells her why he faked his registration, but he won't. With Fernando as his only hope, he tells him about Michele and him being Causa, so that he will help him for her sake. Fernando reluctantly helps, Rafael passes.
*Back in the dorm, Michele uses a glass shard to dig something out of her hip.
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OMG that poor guy could've been killed when Joana brained him with the little statue, kind of surprised he's actually okay!
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Interesting that no one failed this round. Also, that box of coins couldn't have been worth more than the equivalent of a few hundred US dollars if that much. It sad that there were candidates so poor that they'd consider taking the money--or their families would want them to. At this point the candidates who've gotten this far probably feel like they've got too much invested to give up now.
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Also, that box of coins couldn't have been worth more than the equivalent of a few hundred US dollars if that much.

Fernando said it was a lot of money, "enough to renovate the house, or build a new one" and the official posing as the Gerson goon said it was more than the bounty on Joana's head, so, I don't think it should be judged by modern standards of how many coins it looked like. We don't really know how the Inland economy/government works in the show -- how did the Alvarez family maintain the nice house to pass down to each next generation while Joana was at the mercy of Gerson and his gang? Is it just the cult of the Process that shielded the Alvarezes, or would Cassia's people be acting directly to prevent theft of anyone who took the deal, as part of their fight against the Causa? Anyway, everyone in-show says it's a lot of money, so, I think that should be accepted as a given.
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Guesses on the result from self surgery?

Weapon, obvs, but what? Neurotoxin? Cyber thingy? Macguffin?

Also, amazed at the acting and directing in this. At first it felt like YA fiction done well, but the scenes with Ezequiel and Julia really launched it out of that category (to me).
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