Supernatural: Rock Never Dies
December 2, 2016 3:03 PM - Season 12, Episode 7 - Subscribe

The Supernatural gang goes to LA to investigate Lucifer's new incarnation.

Long time no see, LA, boys.

I was sad to see Rick Springfield go, I was loving him in this part. That was actually a really good episode in its own way.

Which is worse, Sam, admitting to listening to a history podcast or hair rock?
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I was surprised to see Springfield go, I figured he was there for the season. I was also surprised they were already promoting the "mid-season finale". While I've been enjoying this season so far, it still kind of feels like it's getting started. Maybe I've gotten used to them really hitting the big "arcs" really hard, and this season the UK MOL and Lucifer stuff has seemed relatively low-key. In this one they just up and said that Lucifer has no grand plan, and while Springfield did an awesome job selling that scene (whoa, there's a bunch of words I never thought I'd write) it does seem to derail the momentum a little. This isn't building to anything, he's just lashing out.

Also, I'm not sure what the goal was at his concert. He was going to make the crowd worship him somehow, maybe? I gather it was something more ghastly than that, but... what? They needed to establish he was going to suck out their souls or something. (Also, why did he not kill Crowley and Cas, when he obviously could?) And the LA-bashing was overplayed and trite. Admittedly I live in LA and love the town, but it really seemed like we were getting a lot of trite quips about Botox and stuff. Finally, hearing Dean say rock is dead felt wrong. This is a guy who uses rock star names as his aliases. "HAIR rock is dead," I could believe!

All that being said, the rock band angle was fun and Springfield really was surprisingly good. Mark Pelligrino owns the role, but Misha Collins and Springfield have both ably filled his shoes when he's away.
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I think Lucifer is much weaker after going up against Amara, and he needed to even use a fossilized feather of himself to gain some strength back after Rowena cast him to the bottom of the ocean. That might explain him not just outright killing Cas and Crowley. But also maybe he didn't care enough to. Like he just wanted to them to see all the destruction he's going to cause.
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