Elementary: It Serves You Right to Suffer
December 12, 2016 3:55 PM - Season 5, Episode 9 - Subscribe

When Shinwell comes to Holmes and Watson for help after he's framed for a gang killing, they have three days to find the real murderer before he is arrested and sent back to jail.

AV Club gives it a B-.

Joan's peaceful sleep streak is broken by the sounds a woman screaming (which turns out to be a ring tone).

Sherlock ups the ante on illegal activities (a theme this season?) and enlists an unlikely accomplice when he alters police evidence.

John Lee Hooker's It Serves You Right to Suffer
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I've been through a few wandering wonderings about who the guy with the gun in Shinwell's apartment was. At first I thought it was Marcus' brother. Then I thought it must have been Tall Boy. Now I realize he was Elvis all along, the mouthy lackey from Lucky Number Slevin. Lucy Liu's in that movie too and she's flippin' great. (I say that a lot, don't I?) Oh! Now I need to go watch the scene they have together again and see if there's any wink wink nudge nudge.

It feels like Sherlock's getting stuck at the same point in a lot of these investigations, where he's within sight of the solution to the case but can't nail down the perpetrator for whatever reason. The disgusting escaped executive gets a favor called in on him from the other side of the globe, the Sausage King of New York has to have his loyal subordinate coerced into testifying, they finger the snake poisoner but don't have evidence until granted access to his apartment, and now Shinwell is cleared at Sherlock's (under)hand. Is this a pattern?

Anyway, Ellis and Miller mugging at each other has been a delight to watch. I hope Sherlock's interest is continued, maybe he'll have another friend! Who'll date Joan's sister!
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