My Brother, My Brother And Me: MBMBaM 333: The Full Randall
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It's another mostly sleep deprived episode this week, so please enjoy our nearly incoherent ramblings about Japanese reality shows, Prince's vault of personalized music and an outline for a new, Oscar-worthy installment in the Home Alone franchise. Suggested talking points: Terrace House and Piss Tales, Pseudonym, When Doves Actually Cry, Jinglepockets, Wrestling Identities, Sext Mystery, Three-way Godzilla Battle
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It seems to me that Travis understood something that the other brothers failed to -- that Kevin from Home Alone isn't just a child, but has some implicit superpower allowing him to improvise any item in any location into a killing floor. I don't know if it is enough to beat many tiny godzillas or one giant dog, but it would definitely affect the fight.

That being said, I would watch their Home Alone film.
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I appreciate the devotion to the "suede-dum" bit throughout the episode, but honestly "use an accomplice and pretend both of you didn't know the correct pronunciation" is such a good idea that it makes me reconsider the warning at the beginning of the episode.

Maybe that's the point, it was too good and pure to exist so they replaced it with a recurring bit.
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This one was great.

The person who asked the Godzilla question clearly has absolutely no concept of how many 'a million' is. A MILLION tiny Godzillas could take out a 100,000 man army.
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That depends on whether the men are Godzilla-sized or not.
posted by maxsparber at 10:16 AM on December 14, 2016

>That depends on whether the men are Godzilla-sized or not.

Also are they Alan Rickman? What is the capability of their missiles? Also is the prophet Ezekiel present? These all are very important questions.
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The little sigh of exasperation when Justin was reading Jinglepocket's question was the funniest thing I've heard in ages.
posted by JDHarper at 8:49 AM on December 15, 2016

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