Grimm: Blond Ambition
May 17, 2014 7:44 PM - Season 3, Episode 22 - Subscribe

It's Monroe and Rosalee's wedding day, but will Adalind's mission for the Royals ruin everything?

Adalind took away Nick's Grimm powers! Renard got shot! Trubel beheaded an evil FBI agent! Wu saw a picture of an Aswang in one of the books! Adalind's on a plane to Europe! Bud showed up!

And remember, when you're magically impersonating your enemy's lover to take his powers, make sure you know if she likes bacon.
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This series has grown on me. I thought this particular episode was a kind of lame, but it does set up next season in a promising way. I assume Nick will get his powers back eventually, but I hope it doesn't happen too soon because his relationship with Trubel could be fun. I assume he's going to act as an advisor while she does all the heavy lifting. Wu is one of my favorite characters, and his arc just got more interesting. And I am looking forward to the look on Adalind's face when she finds out the royals don't actually have her messianic demon baby. Oops.

I wish the season had one more episode, though, because it's a good way to pass an hour while waiting for Hannibal.
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How did Renard make captain without being able to put together Adalind with Juliet's hair and clothes, and weird contacts from each?
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Everyone was being an idiot in this episode in order to allow to plot to move forward.
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I'm sad there wasn't a snarky season ending message like there was with the zombies. Or did I miss it?
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I guess they'll have to make Trubel (HATE that name though) a regular now, eh? I don't know how I feel about her yet, though any new female regular is a good idea.

I was delighted that Rosalee's wedding dress was a ringer. And there was the brief moment of "awww" of them at the wedding.

Poor Juliet, boyfriend's too dumb to know who he laid. Though frankly, he wasn't talking (ahem) to her enough to figure it out.

Here's the thing on this one: is there any real urgent reason for Nick to try to get his powers back, such as they are? Heck, he could just live peacefully for awhile. Less people freaking at eye contact, he already knows who the good vesen are in town anyway.... I dunno, kinda seems like he could live with that for awhile.
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The books in the trailer have been making me soooooo annoyed since the 4th episode or so.
Every time they have to schlep out to it just to page thru books looking for a picture makes me want to shout "dude, just scan them all, do an ocr, make a PDF, and put all the pics into a image management program, even Picassa would do"
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No snarky season ending message, was dissapointed also. Though at least now I expect the cliff-hanger.

I'm still having trouble believing everyone went along with taking Adalind's baby. Even given what she's done, that seems a bit harsh for some of the characters to go along with.
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I don't know why Grimm works for me, but it does - it's like a big dumb dog that's just so happy and proud of itself for whatever stupid thing it just did that I just can't help but laugh.

Also, I got a really good vibe from the actors at Dragoncon last year (Monroe, Hank, & Addelind), which makes me root for them even more.
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It's a goofy, interesting show. I also find it odd that for once, the hero of a Buffyesque show is the most deadpan, NON snarking character on it. Seriously, Nick literally never says a word more than he ever has to--that conversation with Trubel in the car is probably the most he's spoken in one go. And if you've ever noticed it, this show also ducks around ever trying to really explain what the premise of it is (i.e. dude sees animal-people that he isn't interested in exterminating). Juliet's saying that Nick sees monsters a few episodes ago is the most they've ever said about it.* And none of the vesen friends ever really say, "Look, Nick may be a Grimm, but he's not interested in running around killing us all. He's a homicide detective. As long as we don't kill anyone, he's totally cool with us existing." They just say, "But Nick's DIFFERENT!," which I think is...odd and weak explainsauce.

* But really, think of how one would explain the premise of this show: "So, there's people-people, and there's animal-people. And then there's the occasional person who can see the animal-people. The animal-people are pretty much the same as humans in the "they might kill ya, they might not" sort of thing, but with crazy animal traits involved. So some of 'em need killing and some don't...."

And I don't even understand what the royals are, to this day, and I can't find explanations of them on the Internet. Are the royals vesen? Are they not? Do they just rule the vesen for some reason? WHAT IS THE DEAL?
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I do not understand what the deal is with the royals -- I know I missed an episode or two in the first season (definitely missed the start of the Rosalie/Monroe relationship) so I've been blaming my confusion on that. Same for Captain Renard - is he part Royal part hexenbeast? Is that why he's aligned with the Resistance against the Royals?
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OK, finally caught up on the last few episodes, and have been dying to comment about the show. My husband and I have been watching since the beginning, and we totally love the Buffyness of it. It's not perfect, but we do love watching (and often yelling at the TV).


1 - We also have no idea what the deal is with the Royals. If they're going to continue to be a major plot point, they'd better start being more interesting. Even Wesley Wyndam-Price isn't enough to make me give a shit about what's going on.

2 - Good god, Juliette is terrible and we both wish the show would just find a way to be rid of her for good. Bad acting, annoying character, nothing of interest. Bleh. I can only hope this thing with Adalind brings about the end of this pointless relationship.

3 - Trubel - terrible name, but I'm interested to see where they're going with her character. She's got to be related to Nick somehow. Half-sister or cousin or something, I'm guessing. I was hoping that she'd be a wedge between Nick and Juliette, but I'm really hoping it doesn't end up being some creepy romance thing.

4 - Wu is one of our favorite characters, and ever since Hank got brought into the Grimm-sanctum, we've been dying for Wu to be brought into the fold. So, you can imagine the screaming and yelling that was happening throughout the latter half of this season. Seriously, I was ready to abandon the show because it made NO SENSE for Hank and Nick to let Wu think he was fucking crazy because they were somehow "saving" him. I'm still fuming about it. So, Wu seeing the books this episode made me cheer and hope that he brings down some mighty wrath upon his "friends".
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Seriously, I was ready to abandon the show because it made NO SENSE for Hank and Nick to let Wu think he was fucking crazy because they were somehow "saving" him.

I also am up to date now, and HOLY CRAP YES TELL WU ALREADY.

All the agonizing in the Trubel storyline about oh, how terrible it is to think you're crazy and -- DUDES, you made Wu commit himself to a psych hospital rather than tell him that yes, he did see an Aswang, and no, he's not crazy.

(And this already after his Vessen-induced pica in Season one. Oh hey Wu's eating sofa stuffing LA LA LA NEVER MIND DON'T TELL HIM ANYTHING.)

And I'll add myself to the "what on earth is the deal with the Royals" camp. Mostly it seems like a story device to allow them to play around with evil-aristocratic-overlord-consipiracy plotlines.

Also in the Royals scenes: some truly hammy European accents; some very wobbly French and German dialog (Renard's French is pretty good though); and some really quite bad CGI of generic-kinda-Bavarian-castles.

Mostly I love this show because it's cheesy as hell but it kinda knows it. It's stuck with me a lot better than Once Upon A Time, which did have Robert Carlyle doing his totally-crazypants Rumplestiltskin turn. But OUAT seemed to me to suffer a lot from the Heroes problem of being a heavily serialized show with no idea how long it's going to last. (Plus: annoying kid actor more annoying that cardboardy Juliette.)
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it's like a big dumb dog that's just so happy and proud of itself for whatever stupid thing it just did

oh yeah!, that's it exactly for me too.
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We are rewatching and: holds up pretty well!

Surprising how much it knows what it is right from the start; there's a lot of necessary setup in the first episode but it pretty much hits the ground running; especially once they have the Nick/Monroe friendship set up.

And Monroe absolutely is the best thing in this, right? Like they had a lot of fun writing his cultured eccentricity but still made him intensely likeable.

Other stuff from rewatch to this point:
* they were really quite sparing with the wesen transforms early on; they're a bit ropy and I guess as they went along the budgets for these went up + the effects technology got cheaper.
* it took them a surprisingly long time to land on the definitive "dum-dum/dum-DUM" title sequence; a lot of iterations along the way including the weird couple of episodes at the start of S2 which have a voiceover narration over the titles.
* we rewatched Lost previously and there's a lot of spot-the-actor-from-Lost guest-starring!

Downside of rewatch is that you get to be angry all over again at how shittily they're treating Wu; he's traumatized and struggling to explain what he's seen and JUST TELL HIM ALREADY.
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Also on rewatch: the wildly variable Austrian accents, including Frau Pech's which often veers into Scottish.
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Also also: the amazing expanding Airstream; it's a lot bigger on the inside! and it feels like every season they rework the set and it gets even bigger.
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starting watching this almost by accident and now have gotten through enough shows to jump in and read along with the crowd from a decade ago. Glad to have the time-warp company!

seconding the grrrr over how they've treated Wu, the Truble name and the wackadoodle Royals plot line. Guess they had to give Sasha Roiz (Renard) something more to do.

spent some time IMDB'ing the majors. Nick and Juliette married in real life! and she was raised abroad and is fluent in Spanish, hence that arc with her connection with the Spanish woman. And Roiz apparently speaks both French and Russian.
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