Danger 5: Lizard Soldiers of the Third Reich
May 17, 2014 3:06 PM - Season 1, Episode 2 - Subscribe

Nazi Dinosaurs! But where do they come from?

The team goes to a fun exotic locale which somehow manages to allow for 10x the cheap special effects than ever before. Two standout performances: the guy playing Josef Mengele manages to somehow elicit sympathy along with disgust, and Pierre rocks the hell out of some bongos.

Awfullest special effect of the episode: Monkeyman mask crying.
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I didn't know this existed until I saw it here. I thought Garth Marenghi was the eagle headed guy at first. Ever since Hitler's birthday, there's been at least one Hilter/nazi joke somewhere without me looking for it, and it was almost a Hitler free day until I found this. I've only seen these first two so far, as it doesn't seem to benefit it right now seeing a bunch in a row. The second couldn't compare of the delightful absurdity in discovery of the first, but I think I have to watch this one again. I didn't have sympathy for Mengele, but casting ridiculous people as head Nazi henchmen makes me giggle.

To the comment about people offended at Nazi humor, I see the point, esp. being awash in the hard factual rehashing of the 80s and 90s that was apparently so much worse in hebrew school, but the Holocaust is something so horrific it falls to absurd humor because in reality it was so surreal it killed the Surrealist movement. Things become profane because of the sacred and it's hardly the first time killing Hitler has been a punch/storyline. When something has reach Doctor Who, which is a kids show somewhat, that is a sign of near full saturation. What I'm wondering if how much this preceded the dinosaur porn trend.
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...the dinosaur porn trend.

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