Black-ish: Lemons
January 12, 2017 9:32 AM - Season 3, Episode 12 - Subscribe

Two months after the election the Johnson's are still sad that Donald Trump won the election. Everybody at Dre's work isn't happy either and have a fit when Lucy admits that she voted for Trump. After talking Dre suggests that it's time for the entire nation to come together.

Conservative media were, ahem, annoyed, at ABC's ad for this episode airing during a NFL game. Uproxx says "This ‘black-Ish’ Monologue About Loving America Is Something Everyone Needs To Hear Right Now".

AVClub: Black-ish got Trump and made lemonade

(Big congrats to Tracee Ellis Ross on winning the best actress in a TV comedy Golden Globe.)

P.S. This is not an election thread.
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Personally, I thought this was the second best episode of the series after "Hope," although I found the ending a little too predictable and clean and tidy.
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Zoe continues to be my favorite character and Pops is a close second. In fact, I think the whole family is stellar. The work peeps are pretty hit and miss for me, though.
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The work peeps are pretty hit and miss for me, though.

"No, he is the devil, and I should know."
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I liked that the work peeps, being generally ignorant and at the very least racist-adjacent, weren't the Trump voters, despite how easy that would have been to write.
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