Black-ish: Juneteenth
October 3, 2017 6:55 PM - Season 4, Episode 1 - Subscribe

In the fourth-season opener, the family attend a school play about Columbus Day, and Dre is dismayed by its inaccuracies. This inspires him to get Aloe Blacc to help him create a catchy song intended to raise awareness about a black holiday.
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Been a while since there was a black-ish thread, so, I just wanted to post this one to say I'm glad it's back for another season.
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A strong ditto from here, too.

From the Schoolhouse Rock style riff on the history of slavery, complete with a reference to the triangle trade, to the musical numbers with the ensemble cast, it was a pretty strong season premiere. Incidentally, growing up in Virginia, I had never heard of Juneteenth until I moved to Missouri. I don't know if had to do with the proximity or lack thereof to Texas or what, though.
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I haven't seen this show before and while Dre got on my nerves (clearly he is That Guy Who Argues With Everyone About Everything Ever Ever Ever), I really liked the musical numbers and the points being made. And while I knew it was the end of slavery day, I didn't know it was End of Slavery In Frigging Texas day specifically. Frigging Texas.
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This was a terrific episode. So glad it's back.

The entire time I was waiting for Daveed Diggs to make an appearance, because how do you have him in the cast and not use him in a musical episode? But, in the end, I'm kind of glad he wasn't there. Would have been a little too on the nose.
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I haven't been watching this show regularly, but this episode convinced me to start.
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