Elementary: Be My Guest
January 12, 2017 12:47 PM - Season 5, Episode 11 - Subscribe

Holmes and Watson race to find a woman who's been held captive for years before the kidnapper takes drastic steps to avoid being caught.

The episode opens on Sherlock & the Captain closing out one investigation only to stumble upon another. The opening investigation includes reference to Holmes deducing the culprit from pipe ash, as in the cigar ash in The Sign of the Four.

Shinwell's training is disappointing Joan.

AV Club pan's it with a C+.
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I enjoyed this episode a lot more than AV Club's reviewer. For the first time in awhile, I felt like Sherlock & Joan were investigating an incident with real stakes. I did think it suffered a bit from Narrowed It Down to the Guy I Know with Ryan's accomplice.
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Lots of great character elements in this one: Sherlock's penchant for cold cases, ability and willingness to be extra observant and vigilant, smooth jazz and peanut butter sandwiches.

One thing I'll say I didn't like: In the past Sherlock was very sensitive to how captives were treated upon release. In season 2 he didn't want the victim(s) to be confronted with Lucas as they were being released from his music studio dungeon. This time the first woman they found was tended to and interviewed in the parlor of the house she was held captive in, and they didn't remove the villain from the scene at the end.
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I'm getting so tired of Sherlock's enthusiastic 'extra-judiciality'. I mean, it's always been part of the show - breaking into places and whatnot so that the NYPD gets the benefit of his tactics without them having to be accountable. But using copyright/trademark violations to hold the kidnapper, then making the whole 'you're going to get so raped in prison' threat. If I thought the writers were building to something, some ethical dilemma over ends justifying the means, it would be one thing. But they seem to be just full on Sherlock-can-do-no-wrong-because-he's-always-right cheerleading, and it just feels gross to me.
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oh yeah! I was also totally turned off by the raping in prison threat. I meant to mention that so I'm glad you brought it up.
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then making the whole 'you're going to get so raped in prison' threat.

Wow I must have had a cat on me for that part because I missed it. Yuck.
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Wow I must have had a cat on me for that part because I missed it. Yuck.

It was when they released Decker from custody, Sherlock says "Not nice being imprisoned, is it? I hope you had occasion to ponder your future under lock and key, living in fear of the next sexual assault. Rarely is justice so fitting as it will be in your case." (episode transcript)
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I was surprised they sort of tied it all up in a bow with the "Oh it's the ex-wife" based on the coffee creamer she drank without some other "This is how it all makes sense" explanation about various sociopaths who do this (they touched on it, but not really). It felt a little too tawdry and "ripped from the headlines" (even though that story was a while ago) and a little too "Oh yeah we got the info we need because Sherlock broke into the house" stuff. Liked it, did not love it. Happy Shinwell seems to be progressing a little. He's a great actor.
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On the plus side, I agree that the "ticking clock" gave this episode some real stakes and excitement. And the guy who played the main suspect was great. I loved his gregarious, friendly demeanor.

On the other side, this was two episodes in a row that hinge on huge coincidences to get the plot rolling.

I was definitely just waiting for the other shoe to drop on the ex-wife, between the recognizable actor and the clearly telegraphed move with the creamer.

I'm a little uncomfortable with the way Joan treats Shinwell like an errant schoolboy. He is a full-grown adult in a very difficult situation. Maybe it is hard for him to practice lockpicking while maintaining his cover and trying to rise through the ranks of a criminal organization.

By the same token, this show had no interest in the kidnap victims beyond being Macguffins, so not a banner day for representation on Elementary.
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