The Young Pope: Second Episode
January 17, 2017 9:58 AM - Season 1, Episode 2 - Subscribe

Cardinal Voiello continues his investigations, while tensions arise between the Pope and Sister Mary.
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Hahahaha, the final scene! The thundercrack! The Kangaroo! The grotesque inversion of the opening dream sequence! Diane Keaton's t-shirt! The pope only eats pieces of watermelon for dinner (?!?)! This is jaw dropping so far.
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No, the pope doesn't only eat watermelon for dinner, he also drinks a Cherry Coke Zero. Don't make him sound like a freak.

The 'roo next to him out of the cage, with giant pecs and abnormally positioned arms, was more visually striking than the peeping tom 'roo. Grotesque and hypnotic animalary.
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So apart from the above, I'm wondering where this is going:

> The quote from episode 1, about Lenny being stuck in the past, is interesting given all of this. The Pope certainly isn't interested in progressiveness, and not even in the material wealth of the church, but rather seems to have his eyes on conquest and glory. So when he says that the past is a big place, I think he means that he wants to take the church back beyond Pope Francis, and even beyond Vatican II, and make it more like the church of the Crusades and the Inquisition.

> The inversion of that first dream sequence is absolutely striking, but almost no less magical. The framing of Lenny as a domineering shadow was quite striking, making it even funnier when he gets heckled by the laser pointer. The magical nature is backed up by Lenny's interaction with the Kangaroo, and whatever him and Sister Mary were talking about. That makes me wonder how far into magical realism this is going to go.

> The show just looks stunning. The singular directorial perspective is really working for it.
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I think the joke is that the situation may have changed over the lifetime of the shirt.
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The shirt humor relies on ignoring that the shirt claims to be old. The nonsensical part is the shirt would already say that when you bought it. It's kind of forced humor like when you poorly set up your own joke. Which makes it very believable as a dumb shirt you might buy on vacation and shows what kind of humor Sister Mary is into. Side note: I wouldn't be surprised if those shirts were actually sold.
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I am sure that those shirts will be sold now, if they weren't before.

Also, ebay searches indicate that if you want a Pope Francis plate, it'll cost you at least $20. Maybe the €5 plates are local-only.
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I just don't know how it doesn't get ripped off when the guy takes a t-shirt off.
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Loving this but is anyone else weirded out by Law's strange American accent?
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I... had an inclination that Lenny would not be a nice pope, but I was not expecting the hardcore poping in the last scene.
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Loving this but is anyone else weirded out by Law's strange American accent?

Yes! He seems to veer between a sort of NY/Northern NJ accent and something closer to Standard American English. The NY/NJ accent doesn't sound quite right to me (I grew up in NNJ FWIW) and the way it drifts in and out of his speech is really distracting.
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i have to have my snack now
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