Colony: Geronimo
January 25, 2017 10:57 AM - Season 1, Episode 5 - Subscribe

Geronimo is revealed and put on a show trial. Will has his privilege checked, leading to a search of his own home and the Yonk. Bram goes walkabout. Katie gears up alongside the Resistance for a major raid.
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Well, I'm left with my question from the last episode - what happened to the file Phyllis had on Katie? If it was at home with her, Homeland should have it. If she left it in the office, Will should have it. Or just it just drop down the memory hole?

Anyways, Will's promotion seems unearned to me - too soon, too fast. Maybe that's a reflection of how thin people with his skill set are...

Bram's visit to the warehouse outside the wall was fascinating. Lots of stuff there. Who is putting it together? Where does it go? How long until their raiding gets noticed? Do the Raps just have a distribution problem?

Love the reveal that "Geronimo" is really a graphic designer and a copy writer, not a fearless insurgent. It speaks to the importance of propaganda, as well as making it clear to the audience that nothing is quite what it seems in the world of Colony. I think the only person not able to see how the show trial would end was the guy playing Geronimo; I mean, the outcomes was obvious from the beginning.

Next episode should start off with a bang from the looks of it.
posted by nubs at 11:06 AM on January 25, 2017 [1 favorite]

Dude seeing some youngens with a screenprinting setup reminded me of the early 90s zine culture... loved it!!!!

I almost wish Season 1 had started airing during and after the election. This is all way too timely, to the point where it makes me feel like I just guessed a friend's terrible secret.

More people should be watching this.

Also that warehouse I assumed was like an Amazon fulfillment facility, but I'm open to learning it's something entirely different.

The Geronimo trial = Iron Man 3, basically. Except there's no good guy ending.
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Do the Raps just have a distribution problem?

It's distribution, but it's not a problem ;)

Artificial scarcity; gives you another form of power in allowing you to reward loyalists - and apparently they're being cheap about it (qv 'hazelnut specialty blend'). They must keep the good stuff somewhere more secure.

It's weird that the warehouses aren't guarded, much less surveilled. This has been bothering me all season. Heck, why not have a patrol drone - unless there's a scarcity in drones?

'Good' booze appears restricted; would be very surprised if a healthy economy run on homebrew hooch doesn't exist.

Ethanol is a reasonably energy dense fuel that's practical to both manufacture and use in a resource limited dystopian setting like this one, in addition to its intoxicant and sterilization properties. If petroleum was limiting, I'd expect turning to ethanol and/or electric.

There's biodiesel, too, but if you can get a cellulosic ethanol fermentation system up that's typically easier and cheaper to sustain but at a lower energy density.

Huh, gasonline doesn't seem to be an issue - everyone still drives cars, schoolbuses instead of marching/biklng. I recall that the fuel crisis in the 70's informed a lot of dystopian scifi written around then. Bet there isn't a writer on the show who's over 50.

The majority of the vehicles look/are gasoline internal combustion, right? I'm not sure I've seen an explicitly EV or hybrid vehicle?

Perd! Parks&Rec shoutout
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I dunno, porpoise, I thought they made a point of showing most of the regular folks depending on bicycles to get around. And in the first episode, Will was transporting (hydrogen?) fuel cells from his auto shop--I thought the implication was that those powered at least some of the vehicles.
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I kinda figured the Raps or Colonial Authority had banned cars except for Green Zone residents or official usage, hence all the bikes.
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