Colony: Yoknapatawpha
January 26, 2017 8:03 AM - Season 1, Episode 6 - Subscribe

Following an attempt on his life, and fearing a coup, Synder holes up with Will and Katie in the Yonk. The Resistance sets up outside and tries to get Synder out while they wait for Homeland Security. Qualye dissolves the cell and concludes that Katie is a traitor, leaking information to Will.
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An interesting but kinda weird episode. The raid on Synder's convoy feels like a loss for both sides to a large extent; nobody really came out of it feeling good. And what should have felt like an internal conflict for Katie over Synder - hand him over or protect him because he appears to be a link to your son - just never seemed to really materialize.

I'm also doubting Will's observation and deduction skills at this point - Broussard had him dead to rights twice in this episode and didn't pull the trigger, and Will doesn't seem to think that's strange despite the fact that bodies were dropping left and right everywhere.

Anyways. lots of intrigue here about the political situation Synder is in, and how he got the role. It seems like there was a fair bit of planning before the Arrival, and as much as I would like to believe that the Raps are humans with advanced tech, that seems less and less likely. The Wall being shown as extending miles out into the ocean is an impressive way of showing just how much power and ability the Raps apparently have without it being pointed out directly, and Synder's comments about meeting them make me think that they can't possibly be human.

Also good to see Ally Walker show up to take a larger role; now that Phyllis is gone, the show needs a strong female character somewhere in the power structure.
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I think this was the episode that turned me into a genuine fan. Just some really solid television going on, even if it stretches suspension of disbelief sometimes.
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This ep made me wonder if Broussard is in love with Katie, because damn. He could've just wasted all three of them -- Will and Snyder included -- then boom, mission accomplished.
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Like the plot confluence.

The described experience with meeting the raps smacks of external brain influence - not unlike a strongly psychoactive drug-like effect.
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