The Young Pope: Fourth Episode
January 26, 2017 4:36 PM - Season 1, Episode 4 - Subscribe

A woman is the prime minister of Greenland. A woman snores.

A woman dies.
A woman speaks to a healer of hearts and knees.
A woman has sex with a man.
A woman speaks to Gutierrez.
A woman dances.
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I did not know all of those facts about Greenland, but I'm sure the television wouldn't lie to me.
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What. the. fuck. Lenny?

Yeah, the balance of power with men v women is pretty stark, but what should we expect in a patriarchy so entrenched that women cannot hold any position of power, yet women are everywhere and subservient to the men?

So the dream papal address - was that Lenny wishing everything could be simple and happy, but being convinced that he must return the Church to a God of Fiery Judgement because that's the God he thinks he knows?
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I saw the "takes after you" joke coming a mile away and it was still funny.

Lenny learns all about Greenland in a very special episode of The Young Pope

The Divine Comedy Within The Young Pope
The answer to that question is at the heart of the show’s genius. The Young Pope doesn’t satirize the Vatican; rather, with its meticulous attention to costuming, casting, and ritual, it aims for something close to a realistic depiction. It’s Belardo the character and Sorrentino the filmmaker who are funny. The two each bring keen perception, wit, and a flair for surprise to an unchanging, ancient place. The fundamental concern here is faith’s ludicrousness—both its rococo trappings and its colossal influence on individual lives. Belardo and Sorrentino embrace that ludicrousness fully, wringing from it both laughter and terror.
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The Greenland prime minister dancing in the empty hall at the end had a definite David Lynch feel to it.
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