The Young Pope: Fifth Episode
January 30, 2017 12:11 PM - Season 1, Episode 5 - Subscribe

One, the Pope wears a Pope hat and lives in a Pope house.

"Your old methods only work on the old popes, who were afraid of losing consensus. They don’t work with me. I am the young pope."
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I liked Voiello essentially saying that if they leave out a dish of food, the Pope will come back eventually.
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Knock knock.
Knock. Knock.
We're not in.
Brother Cardinals, from this day forward we're not in no matter who's knocking at our door.
We're in but only for God.
From this day forward everything that was wide-open is going to be closed.
Evangelization, we've already done it.
Ecumenicalism, been there, done that.
Tolerance, doesn't live here anymore. It's been evicted. It vacated the house for the new tenant(sp?) who has diametrically opposite tastes in decorating.
We've been reaching out to others for years now. It's time to stop.
We are not going anywhere. We are here.
Because, what are we? We are cement. And cement doesn't move. We are cement without windows, so we don't look to the outside world.
"Only the Church possesses the charisma of truth", said St. Ignatius of Antioch, and he was right.
We have no reason to look out.
Instead, look over there!

What do you see?
That's the door. The only way in. Small and extremely uncomfortable.
And anyone who wants to know us has to find our how to get through that door.

Guy likes jokes. Trickster pope. Like that sly wink at the end of the opening credits. And those hilarious bits he does about whether God exists. "JK. I believe."

He's a riot. I predict next he'll be tearing down the Sistine Chapel to replace it with a Brutalist cement cube. From which he tweets nasty admonitions toward most of humanity. Then soars in popularity. So many likes and shares...
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The LMFAO sync might be one of the strangest, and yet most wonderful, things on TV. It's this frivolous, youthful song in a scene where he is trying his hardest to playact as the oldest-of-old popes, in an episode where he describes himself as the young pope. This show is really something.
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Law had an accent slip on "americans," pronouncing it like "uhmehrriknz'. It was jarring.

Kingsley used a similar gloss in Iron Man 3, especially on "terrorist" but Lenny Belardo doesn't have the regional accent Trevor was going for.
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That's a hell of a sedia gestatoria.
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The LMFAO scene was amazing. I may need to watch that again.

I did find this episode pretty opaque and confusing. How does he know freakin everything? And why did Voiello cave so quickly?
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