See Something Say Something: Banned Together — Part 2
February 2, 2017 6:44 PM - Subscribe

Can the courts overturn President Trump's executive order? This episode, Ahmed talks with law professor Muneer Ahmad, who filed a lawsuit over the weekend challenging the immigration and travel ban. They talk about the details of the lawsuit, why a federal judge issued a stay to halt deportations, and what the legal path forward is for overturning the ban.
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I found this the most thorough and clear explanation of the specific legal actions that took place over the weekend in attempts to halt and reverse Trump's Muslim ban. Muneer Ahmad was also very articulate about how these executive orders are so blatantly and unequivocally part of a racist agenda, and I was interested to learn that was the primary point they made in their legal claim.

Although the topic is horrifying, I found this episode uplifting. Knowing the work that these lawyers, and in many cases brave, hard working law students, are doing was really heartening. In both this and the previous episode, these lawyers also shared how heartening the protests have been for them - which is really wonderful feedback to hear. I wish I was going to Yale law school so I could be in this guy's class!
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