Supergirl: Luthors
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I disagree with the AV Club - Kara/Supergirl has every good reason to have faith in Lena after Lena sabotaged the Medusa virus AND called the police on her own mother. I mean, what does Lena have to do to prove she's not an evil Luthor? And yet . . . whooooboy that final vignette of little Lena beating Lex at chess was perfection. I literally squealed: Lena is smarter than Lex! And may have pumped my fist in the air briefly. Overall, I thought the episode was really good and I love it that we don't know if Lena is good or evil. I bet you even Katie McGrath doesn't know! Also loved J'onn admitting he knew all along Alex was gay because he's psychic. Duh. His delivery was perfect. David Harewood is so freaking good.
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Autostraddle recap - The Lily Means I Dare You to Love Me

I have to agree with the Autostraddle recap that having so much great Lena/Kara in the episode does no favors to the trying to make Mon-El/Kara happen right beside it. (Also, would it have killed them to give us a clear shot of Kara flying Lena to safety? Throw the Supercorp shippers a bone, show, geez.)

I was surprised by the 'coming out to the gang' scene - I thought from the Thanksgiving episode that Alex had told James & Winn already, when she vetoed their plan of telling Kara about Guardian during dinner since she was going to use dinner to come out to her mom. And I thought this was going to be the super-gay Alex/Maggie Valentine's Day episode (it's even mentioned in the episode blurb) but I guess that will be in next week's show. (Which, by the way, I won't get a chance to watch until sometime Wednesday, so, if anyone else is ready to post sooner please feel free.)
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Thank you for the Autostraddle link. That review is wonderful on so many levels. I am one of the few who does not hate Mon-El, but even I cannot deny Kara and Lena have way more chemistry. Now the question is -- is that chemistry solely a bi-product (wink wink) of Katie McGrath's inability NOT to create sexual tension with the nearest warm blooded female in the room? I don't know. I can appreciate Autostraddle's frustration with the show not using this precious gift that is SuperCorp. I really think they won't let Kara and Lena get involved romantically -- not because they already have a gay couple on the show and not because they are afraid of too much gay -- but because the season is already written and Lena is evil and will DIE. And if Lena and Kara are in a relationship and Lena dies (or is banished or basically, off the show for any reason at all) the fans will go into a Lexa Level revolt. It's a lose/lose situation for the producers.
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I liked this one. I don't do ships, but I will admit I'd be a lot happier with Kara/Lena than Kara/Mon-El. (I want them to keep Lena good just to avoid going to the whole 'Luthors are destined to be bad' thing. It's lazy.)

The other thing that bothered me here was James' rationale for why Lena was bad: he threw in, 'If she'll turn on her own mother, what won't she do?' Like... WTF, dude. Lena doing that saved lives. (I have basically not enjoyed anything with James this season - I feel like the show has no idea what to do with him, and the Guardian stuff is incredibly offputting to me.)

Oh, the last detail that I felt was noteworthy: Hank Henshaw stopped referring to himself as Cyborg Superman. I wonder if that'll stick, or if he was just taking a break that day?

Anyway, solid episode overall.
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I feel bad for Mehcad Brooks. He's talented and charming, but the writers are hanging him out to dry.

Mon-El is charismatic and fun to watch, but the relationship with Kara feels forced by the writers and therefore unwelcome.

I do like that they're creating situations that shake up relationships and cause Kara to confront the fact that her optimism, while infectious, is not universal or appropriate in all circumstances.

Brenda Strong and Katie McGrath are excellent. Great casting.

I really hope that when they analyze the residue of the synthetic kryptonite they find that whomever created it substituted nicotine for an unknown component.

If you haven't done it already, I recommend listening to Blake Neely's opening theme music without the voiceover. It's a good one, and it tells a complete story despite its short length. I wish they'd drop the voiceover.
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I feel bad for Mehcad Brooks. He's talented and charming, but the writers are hanging him out to dry.

Yeah, I should be clearer when I complain about James: Mehcad Brooks is great, (some wonderful casting on their part, and great seeing a POC in the role), but he's being completely wasted, and has been since the romance subplot last season, IMO.

I still want him back on Team Supergirl as their face guy, networking and finding things out and generally depicting a heroic journalist.
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Just putting the bean-plating to one side for a moment, but my heart went flitterflutter when Mxyzptlk turned up - FINALLY! He's been seriously absent in everthing Super* up till now.

Let the merriment begin...
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