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February 23, 2017 8:39 PM - Season 2, Episode 5 - Subscribe

Quentin bonds with a coworker. Eliot faces a threat to his power. Julia has trouble getting medical care.
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Were there pregnancies in the books? Having memory issues... or just hexed.
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I was wondering that, too. Luckily, you can search all three books on Google books (The Magicians; The Magician King; and The Magician's Land). In searching for "pregnant" and "pregnancy," but I didn't find any mentions of actual pregnancies until the 3rd book, where Poppy is pregnant. In re-review, it seems that Josh and Poppy are vaguely mirrored in Eliot and [whatshername, the knife-maker's grand daughter].
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I definitely do not remember Eliot fathering any children. And I don't remember a spell that makes you resemble a naughty Russian professor either. The whole thing worked well though.
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I really like how hard the show is hitting the "wherever you go, there you are" theme of magic neither solving nor causing all of Quentin's problems. He was kinda fucked up before magic, he was kinda fucked up with magic, and he is kinda fucked up pseudo-post-magic.
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And he's not the only one like this.

(Also, fun to see his "fixing small things" skill pop up in the form of reflexively removing the wine spill.)
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So, Niffin!Alice was deliberately trying to lure Quentin in front of that bus, right? I don't believe she did that in the books, but it certainly seems the sort of thing she'd enjoy.
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And, to be fair, plenty of non-niffins would probably *also* enjoy tossing Quentin in front of a bus.
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