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In the Season 2 premiere, the remaining members of the Macon 7 have made it North, but they've learned that freedom is not as simple as crossing a line.
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I thought about putting a full-season thread up for S2 instead of going episodic since there were so few of us commenting in the S1 posts, but given how often the show delivers shocking moments, I wouldn't want to risk spoilers via Recent Activity. I don't suppose that S1 streaming on Hulu will have pulled in much more of an audience? Too bad it didn't go to Netflix, we could have gotten more of an influx.

Anyway, a great start to the season. I did not expect that ending, and yet there was an inevitability to it, to underline that justice would not come from the law. (I wonder what motivated the shooter though - was it because John was an abolitionist, or was it because of his arguments in Noah's trial and ironically tragic?)
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I am pumped that this is back! Here's an interview with the show's creators -- I was wondering what Sepinwall was referring to when he mentioned tying off a couple of story threads, and then the end of the episode happened. Welp.
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Wow - that looks pretty real/ final/ fatal. Perhaps it's the hard push that Elizabeth needs to become a serious freedom fighter, which makes sense from the build-up in this episode. It's sad to say, but I'm happy to see a guy die so a woman can (hopefully) grow, unlike the usual disposable woman trope, simply because that trope is way too common.

And what was Ernestine huffing? Some weird red liquid that lingers in cloth for a full day in humid climates.

That was a good interview, thanks for the link rewil. Warning: it may well hint at some spoilers, though nothing is certain until it's done. And as Joe Pokaski said in the interview "we’re genre storytellers, so we also get to break the rules of reality and bring one or two of them back every once in a while."
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Laudanum is likely her drug of choice.
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