Underground: The White Whale
May 12, 2016 7:09 AM - Season 1, Episode 10 - Subscribe

Everyone must pay for their sins when the day of reckoning arrives. Ernestine prays, Tom asks for forgiveness and plans, and 'Stine acts. Rosalee, Noah and Boo are on the move, with the help of the Hawkes and Sheriff Kyle. August tries to seek revenge for Ben, and finds out that slave-catchers have one limitation. And we meet Patty Cannon! [Season finale, season 2 confirmed for next year]
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Thanks for posting, didn't have a chance to watch the show last night.

Tom was such a wonderfully vile character, his crying to Ernestine for absolution for murdering Sam was breathtakingly awful. (I wonder who that was in the shadows that helped with killing Tom? From the clothes, I thought it looked like the reverend's slave, but I thought we saw the reverend leave earlier in the episode.)

So glad Cato survived, however improbable it is that he could have gotten away from the predicament we last saw him in, fuck it, he's Cato.

In one of the Vulture recaps, they speculated that Rosalee could become a Harriet Tubman figure in the next season, glad they were right. And I got a laugh out of the faceless Harriet cameo - I assume they didn't want to lock themselves into anyone for casting her, or cross streams with the other Harriet Tubman project(s?) in the works, but it reminded me of every Superman non-cameo on Supergirl this season.
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Some Underground season 2 casting news: Aisha Hinds Will Play Harriet Tubman. And Amirah Vann's Ernestine is bumping up from recurring to series regular, yay!
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