The 100: We Will Rise
March 17, 2017 12:04 PM - Season 4, Episode 6 - Subscribe

Clarke and Roan are forced to work together when they are tasked to deliver a dangerous but crucial asset to Abby through enemy territories.

- Octavia, I worry about that girl. Apparently she's embracing skyrippa fully now. Although I actually don't mind if she cuts off Bellamy, because I dunno if I could forgive him either.
- I'm glad Niylah and Clarke are comforting each other. I am however kind of suspicious about these lingering ending shots of scenes with Niylah.
- The way that the Ilian issue was resolved left me so conflicted. I wanted him to deserve so much worse because wtf man, at the same time Kane is right, you can't let the mob take over because it would unravel their society.
- This show is bleak af. There's definitely some deus ex machina resolutions, but leading up to that you just think, oh man everyone's screwed, every season.
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Hm. Thoughts:
* I love the way the show stomps on the status quo. Flipping Ice Nation and TriKru on the political landscape for perfectly logical reasons? Excellent, and a lot of why I tune in.

* I liked Clarke and Kane sharing a moment - the way the show is transitioning the kids into adult roles is nice, that was a good step on the path.

* Clarke and Roan are a good team.

* I'll be disappointed if Niylah bites it any time soon. Seeing Clarke move on and find happiness is good.

* My only complaint was Kane's worry about the group: he needed to go ahead and have Ilian tried and punished. Ark culture doesn't really support the whole 'let people off easy' thing, so my perception of events was that he should've been defending due process and the rule of law, not mercy. Like, 'we have to do this by the book.' (I also find the whole 'if you do [x] bad thing, there's no coming back' trope pretty tiresome in fiction. People are more complicated than that.)

All in all, liked it.
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Why did the Azgeda soldiers steal the barrels? What was the motivation there, because I missed it.
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All they know is that it can be used to create bombs, I think.
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