The 100: The Tinder Box
March 3, 2017 1:00 PM - Season 4, Episode 5 - Subscribe

Clarke pleads with a former allied force to avoid a war and ensure her people's survival.

Vulture recap: Ring of Fire
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Ok, I had to post all the episodes to catch FanFare up just so I could talk about this one! Geeeeeeeeeez, that fucking ludite! Imagine if Ilian found the lab! God I hate people.

Roan is so moody it's a no wonder he was banished before. Or maybe when he's been away from Clarke for too long he gets violent? I hope nothing is going to start there. This episode reminded me of the trader lady Niylah, who I wouldn't mind seeing Clarke with. I thought it was a nice change of pace that diplomacy, bloodied as it might be, won out.

Poor Abby in denial of her own brain injury...
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Yeah, this one was another reminder that The 100 never shies away from stomping on the status quo. I thought the reaction shots went on a little long, but that was quite the boom.

I know a lot of people - okay, the AV Club review crowd - has been sorta down on this season, but I'm really loving the theme of the kids growing up and having to grapple with muddy, morally gray compromises. I'm certainly enjoying it more than the jumpy, incongruous characterization that happened in S3.

I also really like that people are blaming Skaikru for ALIE, instead of everybody just shrugging it off and getting along. Ilian was wrong, but in a completely believable way. (If anything, it's admirable he didn't leave Octavia to die. He had to know she killed that ambassador.)

Roan is so moody it's a no wonder he was banished before.

Hah, yeah. I feel like this is accurate characterization for him, too - one of the first things we see him do is kill some warriors just to make a point to Clarke when she's his prisoner. Roan's a smart guy, but he tends to see stuff in pretty black and white terms, and he does skew toward murder pretty fast. (Runs in the family, I guess. His mom had to go, but I'm always a fan of a villainous Brenda Strong.)
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What the fuck kind of spaceship is flammable?!
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A spaceship made of plotonium.
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So, I'm predicting here and now that Raven will go up in space, make Nightblood, inject herself with it, go back down to Earth in time to help Abby inoculate everyone with more spacemade Nightblood, and then end up getting Commander-chipped to stop the stroke damage in her brain from progressing any further.

Because if that doesn't happen and Raven dies, I'ma MFING RIOT. WHY Y'ALL KEEP HURTING THE BEST CHARACTER!!!!??? STAHP!!!!
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I get so scared for Miller and Nathan every time they go on any mission
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So... nightblood isn't going to save them.

Lower order species are dying off because of the radiation. The food chain is collapsing. Meat animals are getting scarce.

What difference does it make if you can survive radiation if you having nothing to eat?
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This episode made me think they fired their science advisor. The show is usually better than "She's using too much of her brain and thinking to fast for her brain to keep up!"
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