The Flash: Duet
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Barry and his team are surprised when Mon-El and Hank Henshaw arrive on their Earth carrying a comatose Supergirl who was whammied by the Music Meister...

...Unable to wake her up, they turn to Team Flash to save her. However, the Music Meister surprises The Flash and puts him in a similar coma. Kara and Barry wake up without their powers in an alternate reality where life is like a musical and the only way to escape is by following the script.

AV Club recap - A musical crossover with Supergirl is the cure for what ails The Flash
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I would normally wait for more recaps to go up, but I'm just so beyond annoyed that Supergirl and Mon-El's breakup didn't last a single damn episode. It's gone by the 'previously on' summary next week. Ugh. I really enjoyed all of the The Flash parts of this musical, but having Kara's survival hinge on her forgiving Mon-El in a day after having been lied to for "9 months" was a total buzzkill. Gah! I think I need to go clear my head with a little Darren Criss being Harry Freaking Potter for a minute.
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Okay, here are the first few flashes of thought on this episode:

--Props to the costumers for Kara's gowns. They were gorgeous.

--Concern for the makeup people. I think they went missing for all of the STAR Labs and non-musical scenes. Either that or somebody stole all the foundation and concealer. This was especially noticeable when Iris and Monel were talking to the locked up Music Meister, but it was also apparent in the rest of the aforementioned shots.

--John Barrowman does not harmonize with others, whereas Victor Garber and Jesse Martin made a great effort to do so despite vastly different voices and styles.

--The Super Friends duet showed up all of Grant's and Melissa's weaknesses as singers. (Okay, that's a lot kinder than my real reaction, which included thoughts like awful, terrible, etc.)

--Before hearing the Super Friends number in previews, I had really high hopes for the Rachel Bloom-penned number. Those hopes were quickly dashed when I saw the previews, and my opinion hasn't changed after viewing the piece in the full episode. I realize she was going for cheesy and hokey, but it was really bad cheese and hokum. Come on Rachel, you should have been able to do better! Some of your Crazy Ex-Girlfriend stuff is brilliant. This wouldn't have made the cut on your show.

--The Run to You number was better, both in its writing and its performance.

--Carlos Valdez acquitted himself better than I was expecting, but next time, more Jeremy Jordan, please.

--I'm of two minds about reuniting the broken-up lovers, especially Kara and Monel. Yes, it seems as if the break-ups were almost a stunt just so the couples could be put back together in this magical musical of love, so that's a negative. On the positive side, we don't have to watch weeks of mopey Barry, Kara and Monel--I'm leaving out Iris because I doubt the writers would give her enough screen time to be mopey--so that's a small blessing, I guess.

Overall, it wasn't as terrible as I was expecting (seriously, those previews had me pretty much dreading this episode) but it's far from the best musical episode of a TV series I've seen. I guess I hope they try it again in the future, but maybe with a bit more time for planning.
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Anybody else bothered by the distinct lack of songs and people singing in this musical episode? Watching live, the first half hour had literally two songs, consisting of a creaky public-domain standard and an AM Gold standby, neither of which really sold that they were in a real goshdarn musical. It picks up a bit in the back half (the Rachel Bloom-written song "Super Friends" was fun), but the whole thing felt like they'd tried to do a cost-cutting bottle episode at the same time as a big event episode and somehow screwed up both.
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Yeah I could've used more music. But I liked it. Mostly because my bar for musical episodes in non-musical shows are pretty low. Like most of these songs wouldn't pass muster on even Bob's Burgers or Steven Universe, nevermind Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. I was surprised that many actors in these three shows can carry a tune. But I guess that's why the other ones didn't have a big role in the dream.
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"Hey Kara and J'onn, before you go back to your Earth, do you think you could help us out with this Savitar business?"

Obviously we only spend time with these characters when there's heroing to do, but I'd like to see next year's Supergirl/Flash crossover essentially just be Barry And Kara's Day Out where she visits Central City and they grab lunch and see a movie because they're just so dang cute together. Maybe they see Eobard Thawne sitting in Big Belly Burger eating a triple double with fries, also just having a day out because dealing with the Legion of Doom can be so draining sometimes and even an evil speedster needs some "me" time, and they all lock eyes for a minute and you think there's gonna be a throwdown, but they just wave each other off and let it pass just this once because, really, it's their day off and nobody wants to deal with that. Barry and Kara are gonna be late for the movie. Thawne just ordered a milkshake. They can duel tomorrow.
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Sweet lord, this was a horrible episode. I am considering never watching this show again. It was everything I hate about the CW, the Flash, and musicals. Between this and Iron First, it's a low point in the history of comic book tv shows.
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I thought it was fun. I have super similar memories of watching Singing in the Rain with my mom at that age. I remember asking for tap dancing lessons. It was nice to see Barry do a little bit of dancing.

I also liked the teamwork between Vibe, Kid Flash, and Martian Manhunter
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Well, clearly I'm an easy touch because I enjoyed it. Did not know Cisco sang that well.

But then again, writing aside, the actors sell the hell out of Mon-El and Kara and chemistrywise it works for me even if logically "frat boy meets superhero" doesn't. That was clearly a breakup just for this episode.

I got a kick out of "Super Friends," though uh...both of them have sung better and I don't know what was off there. Best part, she mentions time travel and he's all, "I'm not supposed to do that any more." "Oh."

I was amused at gay gangster dads.

The end song...was that all Grant Gustin, AutoTune, or what? That was unworldly pretty. Hell, it even sold me on Barry/Iris and I normally see no sexual chemistry there whatsoever.
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Yeah, I loved it, too.

Barry can tap! Winn can SING!! I kept annoying my husband (who was trying to work in the next room) because every time someone new showed up, I was like, "WHAT?!?!"

I absolutely LOVE the friendship chemistry between Barry and Kara. It's so freaking adorable. I, too, would watch a show of them just like hanging out.
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Kara and Barry are so, so lucky neither one went through a Rocky Horror phase.
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I refuse to accept the explanation that Barry & Kara made up the musical universe and it stopped existing. Because I NEED the Broadway spinoff with Jesse L. Martin & Victor Garber as gay musical gangsters dads. In love and raising a family and crushing their enemies!
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As an Arrow fan I found it RUDE and HURTFUL that Musicworld Merlyn had a son named "Tommy" who was not Broadway alum Colin Donnell. 😭
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I also have low standards and was fine with it, though I thought Barry singing to Iris went on WAY WAY WAY too long.
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well it's an original song, you know they're not gonna cut that short.

Colin Donnell didn't even make a cameo in that one Arrow episode where they were captured by the Dominators in that dream world. I don't think he's ever coming back, except maaaybe the series finale, whenever that is.
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Whenever a Mysterious Masked Villain shows up in the Flarrowverse with an identity we're supposed to figure out, my first guess is always Flashpoint Earth-2 Tommy because I live in hope.
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I've been putting this off out of frustration, but I finally started catching up and... argh.

Taken on its own merits - just the episode, pretending nothing else had happened this season - the episode's just okay. Not enough music. Doesn't make much sense internally - like, if an antagonist's powers are so convoluted that the only way the heroes can figure them out is if he just tells them... maybe rethink something. I also don't like the CW Music Meister compared to the BtBatB version much. I mean, I hear 'Music Meister' and I figure the bad guy's gonna sing too.

So... it's just sorta there based on that.

Taken in context, I actually hated it. The big dumb relationships problems on Supergirl and The Flash are a good part of what's killing both shows for me right now. I don't care about their romantic woes at all. Those plots aren't interesting. They distract from everything that *is* interesting. Focusing the crossover on 'these stupid pairings are the heart of our story' just serves to remind me that I'm really frustrated with both shows this season, and close to dropping them.

This is unusual for me - I think this might be the first time I've actively hated a musical version of a normal show. I'm normally a sucker for things that show off the range of the cast in odd ways. (I still sing the Buffy songs except, you know, badly.) I think if they'd just sung their way through more of it instead of trying whatever weak plot nonsense it probably would've worked a lot better for me.
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That was way better than I expected. Wow, Winn can really sing. Like, really. The three Dads's song was really touching, and damn, "Runnin' Home to You" was gorgeous and it really showed off Grant Gustin's voice in a way I hadn't hear the other times I've heard him sing.

The "Put A Little Love in Your Heart" number was really fun.

When they gangs went to war I was really really really really really really hoping their guns would shoot marshmallow creme, that would have made my life complete.

When they were first trying to figure out what was going on they should have had a song called Idiot Ball.

I'll happily run out in front of a bullet,
Hold your finger out and baby, I'll pull it,
It's almost like we have no sense at all,
Yeah, we'll never stop playin' (bomp bomp) Idiot Ball!
(Dance break)

Okay, my expectations were really low going in, but I thought it was really fun.
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