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March 23, 2017 7:09 AM - Season 2, Episode 9 - Subscribe

Dean Fogg and Professor Lipson attempt to rid Quentin of Alice's Niffin but he refuses to let Alice go. Meanwhile, with magic fading in Fillory, Eliot agrees to a risky duel with King Idri of Loria, in lieu of a war, in the hopes that it will gain the respect of the Fillorians in the process, while Margo makes a deal to fix the wellspring. Julia, Penny and Kady locate Reynard's son in an effort to lure Reynard to them. Not everything goes according to the various plans.

Lessons learned in this episode:
  • Sociopaths may just be lacking their shade
  • Surprisingly persuasive politicians may be demigods
  • Don't bother looking to the books for any additional insight, because this episode is a pretty strong departure on a number of fronts
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And there's a rousing (though abbreviated) rendition of "One More Day"!
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Surprisingly persuasive politicians may be demigods

Trump's at least 50% Slaanesh.
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I feel like Fen is being set up to return to the rebellion:
  1. Married to a man who doesn't really love her, despite her adoration for him (with an added barb of his focus and discussions often being with Margo, at the exclusion of Fen);
  2. Gifts him a weapon that he doesn't eve know about, which would have let him win a duel, but he goes and makes a pact with the other king, by means of
  3. Happily agreeing to marry him, and then he's all gaga over the other king (again, at the exclusion of Fen), and soon she'll learn that
  4. Her firstborn child was given to the fairies in exchange for cleaning the wellspring, by her not-really-a-nemesis, High Queen Margo
(These points are all exclusive to the TV show, so you can't glean anything from the books)
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I am thinking the same thing about Fen - all of this is going to push her back to the rebellion and to oppose the monarchy.
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Yeah. Because it'd be one thing if it was a real poly marriage, but you know that he's going to be 90% Loriatown and 10% Fen, plus Fen has to give up her baby.

That whole "I'd do anything for my family, that includes you and our baby" is DEFINITELY going to come into play here.
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Fen singing Eponine killed me. I love this show.
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Just caught up on the last two episodes. Loved the musical number - totally didn't see that coming, and the capper of King Idri's "I'm confused" was perfect. I also really liked that little scene between Julia and Quentin-as-Alice, I thought he did a really good impersonation of her speaking style.

Poor Fen. I agree, seems like she'll be back with the FU Fighters after she learns what Margo has done to her.
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