Most commented or recommended shows?
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Sorry if this has been asked before, I don't visit FF much. I see there's a "most commented in the past 7 days" feature but there is one for all time, or the past year? My taste likely overlaps with most mefites so I'd be interested in the most popular shows/movies. Or is there some other way to do "if you liked THIS then you'll like THAT"?

I'd also be totally interested in external sites that do the "if this then that" thing. Netflix recommendations tend to be really hit or miss. (Didn't they used to be better, or am I just imagining that?)
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Same here - would love something like that. I'm sick and looking for threads with lots of discussion so that I can netflix things that are relevant to my interests.
posted by olya at 10:29 AM on March 26, 2017

IMDB will show you "people also liked X" but those shows aren't necessarily any good.

I use Upflix (app) and instantwatcher to filter by genre, rating, etc. but it doesn't do the "related" thing.
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I have no evidence to back this up, but I suspect the most commented movie is Star Wars Episode VII, at 3,134 comments.
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For single episodes, the final episode of Hannibal has 1853 comments at the moment, but on average, Game of Thrones episodes got more comments per episode in the Books Included threads.

For the most on-going attention to a show, I think Adventure Time wins, at 153 episodes posted to date, and Mystery Science Theater 3000 comes in at #2 with 121 episodes, though they are low-activity in terms of comments, compared to Hannibal and GoT. Then there are a few shows with 80-100 episodes posted, but some of those are carried on by a single devoted MeFite (Fringe is run by the man of twists and turns, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver and MST3k are always posted by JHarris, and I was posting Murder, She Wrote).
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Netflix recommendations tend to be really hit or miss.

They all are, sadly.
posted by rhizome at 1:07 PM on April 2, 2017

Netflix recommendations tend to be really hit or miss. (Didn't they used to be better, or am I just imagining that?)

It might be a mix of changes in algorithms, and the fact that you've already sorted through past recommendations, so now it's only offering things that are similar to things you've watched, but shows and movies you've skipped over. Also, it seems that they micro-target recommendations, so you get stuck in ruts of the same types of programs being suggested.
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One day again I will watch Fringe the whole way through and resurrect those threads one by one, just you wait the man of twists and turns!
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