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March 30, 2017 7:23 AM - Season 2, Episode 10 - Subscribe

The Royal Court of Fillory prepares for Eliot's nuptials as he endeavors to win over the Fillorians with the extravagant event. Penny begins his contractual obligations to the Neitherlands Library as Kady searches for any information about god killing. Quentin experiences a mind-bending vision while on a drug-laced trip that sends him and Julia on a mysterious quest. And we're heading back into book territory ...

... with the reference to dragons!
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Rapidly losing patience with this show.

The writing is just *bad* pretty much every time they go off the Grossman plots -- and now, that's almost all the time. Penny and Kady are especially bad, which to me is an indictment of the TV writers, since at this point they're creations of the TV writers. Kady doesn't exist in the books, and Penny is absent from the end of the book one until close to the end of book 3.

They're making him so incredibly unlikable that I just don't care what happens to him, which takes me closer and closer to just fast-forwarding through his scenes. :(

I *do* wonder if they'll eventually give Q his big magic project (ie the plot of book 3), but focus it on restoring Julia's shade instead of de-niffening Alice.
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