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April 7, 2017 9:31 AM - Season 2, Episode 11 - Subscribe

Quentin accompanies Julia to the underworld on a journey to help her recover her shade. Penny tries to use his Neitherlands Library position to gain access to a mysterious room that houses literature about god killing, for Kady. Eliot and Margo discover that a strange spell has been cast over Fillory. Senator Gaines begins to understand his powers.

So far, we're light on the dragon, we got to a weird version of the underworld, and Q losing the button back to Fillory, so it's all tying back to the books, but by the loosest of threads.
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I hope that wasn't it for the dragons this season.
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I did enjoy the dragon cussing about millennials
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Jesus, now it's like we're TOTALLY off in terra incognita.

There are bits here lifted from the books, but they're increasingly rare and disconnected from the literary context -- yes, a dragon ends up with the button, for example, and yes, Q goes to the Underworld. But pretty much everything else is the invention of the TV adaptation, which would be fine if the writing were better. But it isn't.

We're semi-cord-cutters, so we bought a season pass from Apple. That it's a sunk cost is pretty much the only reason we're still watching. I doubt we buy season 3.
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The series is way off book now, and like others some of it just doesn't work for me. But there are also moments where the writers do something that makes me totally forgive them. Season 1's moment for me was Quentin's mental hospital episode, the resolution of which actually ended up being important to me rather than merely entertaining. Season 2 is the portrayal of the shades. They're perfect. They function really well as a representation of people's soft humanity, and for me they also function as reminder to look for it.
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