Powerless: The First Season
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The adventures of Emily Locke as Director of Research & Development at Wayne Security, a subsidiary of Wayne Enterprises based in Charm City, that specializes in products for ordinary humans who are poised to be victims of the battles between superheroes and supervillains.
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There was something really likeable about this show. It seemed to know exactly what it was and worked it.

I'm not sure I saw every episode, though. There were a couple of weeks where NBC played a repeat of the terrible Trial and Error in the time slot.
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It was just on hiatus, there was a new episode yesterday.

It hasn't been cancelled yet, though the outlook doesn't look good.

I still think it's charming, in its own way. It has either gotten better or my standards have gotten lower, but it's kind of dumb fun. I've laughed at a few jokes, and Alan Tudyk is always good. The actors seem to be better than the writing.

The one thing I noticed was that Wendy isn't a full cast member? That seemed odd.
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I really like this show, and I didn't know its ratings were so bad until just now. What a bummer. I tuned in because I love Danny Pudi and Ron Funches, but I was pleased to recognize Christina Kirk (A to Z, RIP). And Vanessa Hudgens, whom I only knew from photos in tabloids and a vague recognition of the phrase "High School Musical," is charming and lovely.

Aw, man, now I'm sad.
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There was something really likeable about this show.

It's Better Off Ted with a few key changes, and all in a good way. Besides the focus on a tech development branch, with more quirk and wackiness, and less "real office-place awkwardness" of The Office, which is the other common comparison. At least, that's what I got from the first episode.

I hope we get to see all 13 episodes that were ordered.EpGuides has titles for 10 episodes and air dates for the first 9, FWIW. Sadly, viewership numbers are dropping sharply, though a 3 week hiatus likely didn't help, either.
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why the hell would they have a hiatus after 5 episodes? that's lame.
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It's a series that went through massive rewrites and has a midseason premier - generally not something that happens if the network as confidence in the product.
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Part of the "hiatus" was to give an extra viewing of Trial & Error. If they had given Powerless just half the promotion that they gave T&E, it would probably be doing better, especially given its lead-in, Superstore.
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It's not nearly as enjoyable as Better Off Ted, but it has heart and is usually good for one or two good jokes an episode.
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I kinda want this show to fold into the CW because I want access to their characters. For instance, I want Eobard Thawne to show up and get roped into trying to develop the tech department's latest zany invention. Teddy would be like "Maybe Reverse Flash can help us stabilize the energy output," and Ron would say "But he's evil! He'll do that [vibrating hand through chest gesture] thing." Teddy counters "He's a scientist from the future! He might just appreciate the challenge." Emily would issue the verdict: no Reverse Flash. Then, in a later scene, we see Thawne working in the background with the team and bickering over their nonsense.
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The Powerless/Legends of Tomorrow crossover would be amazing. Or at least it is in my head.
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I've seen one episode, and it feels like a cross between Better Off Ted and No Tomorrow. I'm eager to see whether it turns out to be more Better Off Tomorrow, or No Ted.

It felt rushed the way pilots can, but I think it has all the pieces it needs if it can settle in.
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For people wanting more integration with the DC universe, there's always fanfiction. This this pretty good, given the usual caveats (includes non-canon 'ship--M/M if that matters to anybody). There's also this series. Both are about what happens when certain members of the Wayne family show up in Charm City.
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So, last night's episode (ep.8, I think) wasn't a big hit with me. The Emily vs. Dan competition over an office seemed a bit too much and really turned Emily into an unsympathetic character. Then, Teddy falling for whoever the green super heroine is (after being saved from falling off the balcony) seemed ok, until he totally dissed his date over it. That seemed too mean-spirited for what has been a quirky little high-concept comedy. Overall, this episode felt a bit like they took their eyes off the ball on this one.
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It was exciting to see Natalie Morales, but I wish she had been given a better role. Teddy was being stalkerish and creepy.
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It was exciting to see Natalie Morales, but I wish she had been given a better role. Teddy was being stalkerish and creepy.

I was assuming they were leading up to a scene of Teddy's girlfriend turning out to be Green Fury's secret Clark-Kentish identity, and that he'd be too crushed out over GF to realize it he was blowing his shot.
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Episode 8: Green Furious

This is the episode where everything gelled. The gags were coming fast and the show was hitting its marks. Jackie was especially hilarious in her interactions with Wendy over Jackie's daughter. "She too young to understand you're a cautionary tale."
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My wife and I have been semi-binging (gorging?) on episodes, and we're finally caught up.

I LOVE THIS SHOW. OK, it has numerous problems, as noted above, but taken as a whole, it's a lot of fun. It's not as polished as Better Off Ted, but leagues above No Tomorrow (or did that show get better? Because UGH - the first episode was abysmal - decent moments and ideas, but terrible execution all-around, and I'm glad it's not coming back).

With other actors, Powerless could probably be a flop, but I think each fits their character well. t's decently self-aware, and the characters aren't flat stereotypes. I'm glad we'll get a full season, but I'm sad that signs point to this being a single-season show.
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Episode 9: Emergency Punch-Up
The team prepare to go to a big company retreat, but are trapped in the office when Dr. Psycho attacks Charm City with gas bombs. Truth gas bombs.

Another strong, solid outing. I kind of got the feeling that the writers finally realized that, just because the premise is based on comic books doesn't mean their audience isn't adult. More great banter between characters, and Wendy's character gets fleshed-out.
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Sigh - ‘Powerless’ Pulled From NBC Schedule
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Yeah - I just caught up with episode 9, too. I'm going to miss watching it - the cast helped sell it, and the writing really was getting better.
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Aww, damn. I also felt like it was really hitting its stride in terms of writing and characters. I really enjoyed the latest episode. Oh well...
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Aw, tomorrow's episode is still in my Tivo's to-record list, since the programming update hasn't erased it yet. Looks like it would have been another good one - "No Consequence Day: Following Lois Lane's death, Ron tells the team about a theory that Superman will rewind time to save her with no consequences, so Ron becomes a dog owner, Emily and Wendy get in trouble with the law, Jackie starts day drinking, Teddy makes a power move, and Van gives Bruce a piece of his mind."
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Deep in mourning over this show.
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I hope that Netflix or Hulu pick it up to carry it on for a second season, or at least "air" the final 3 episodes. The next two episodes would have been:

AN ALIEN ATTACK THREATENS THE FUTURE OF WAYNE SECURITY - ADAM WEST GUEST STARS - When an alien attack damages the Gotham headquarters, Chairman West (guest star Adam West) delivers some unfortunate news to Van (Alan Tudyk) and Emily (Vanessa Hudgens). In an effort to save the company, Emily's efficiency may make everyone a target. Meanwhile, Jackie (Christina Kirk) gets a shocking surprise that will change her life.
EMILY TAKES CHARGE AS VAN FAILS TO ACKNOWLEDGE A LONG-TERM EMPLOYEE - Emily (Vanessa Hudgens) deals with Van (Alan Tudyk) stealing credit for her generosity at the office. Meanwhile, Teddy (Danny Pudi) pushes Ron (Ron Funches) to get his new invention to the masses.
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