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March 31, 2017 6:20 PM - Season 1, Episode 8 - Subscribe

When Fred loses his crew just as they're about to start construction, Archie and his friends try to help, making them targets for an attack; Jughead worries how his friends will react when his secret comes out.
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It seems most major reviewers found this episode to be lacking compared to others so far, but I think it was the best episode of the season. The baby shower was so ridiculous and nonsensical and would OSHA approve of a bunch of untrained high school kids showing up to work at a construction site with no supervision? And I mean what is even the point? They moved like a few handfuls of rocks around. The whole thing is so ridiculous, I can't get enough of it.

Ok, so I can see why some people might feel less than satisfied with this episode, but the absurdity is right in my wheelhouse.
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Oh and two questions. Can they not say the word "abortion"? And were Archie and Jughead smoking pot and playing video games? Fred comes up and tells them to open a window. Was that just to air out teenage boy scent or because the were doing bong hits while playing Xbox? (Oh, and they have both a rotary telephone and an HD game system in the house, that's cool)
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Yeah, I was like "never mention a stinky room and open the window in act one...?" And then was waiting for the other shoe to drop the whole episode.

Also, the "appointment" with the "Doctor" to "take care of things" was really weird. Why all the wink wink about not actually saying that Polly's dad wanted her to get an abortion?
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People use euphemisms all the time, especially for graphic and unpleasant things relating to the body or mortality. It's a jarring word; appropriate sometimes.
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I also found the abortion euphemisms to be jarring. I get that there is a taboo in some places, but still.

More generally, I found this to be the least enjoyable episode of the series so far. Maybe the three week hiatus left me less inclined to enjoy it. I don't know. I think a big part of what bothers me is the focus on what is to me less interesting characters and subplots.

Jughead has grown on me somewhat, and I'm trying to be openminded about the Jughead/Betty romance, but it doesn't feel like they have much chemistry. And Archie has always been kind of a weak link.

Although I think it makes zero sense, Polly moving in with the Blossoms should make the next episode quite interesting. The elder Blossoms are obviously terrible, but their creepy haunted mansion and their whole aesthetic and Cheryl have been some of my favorite moments in the series. So much over the top melodrama.

I also love Veronica, who I feel has been pushed off to the side, and given less than compelling story lines (like the feud with her mother).

So far, my favorite episodes were Betty and Veronica getting revenge on Chuck and the haunted mansion memorial service for Jason. I hope we get to see more of that.
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And seriously, why would Polly choose to go live with the Blossoms? I get that her parents sent her away, but I feel like Alice Cooper kicking out her husband is certainly a sign of good faith. And it sounds like the Blossoms worked just as hard as the Coopers to break Jason and Polly up. Also, one would imagine Polly would have gotten some sense of how messed up the Blossoms are from dating Jason. Not to minimize how shitty the Cooper parents have been, but still.
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Although, since Polly does have moments of seeming pretty unhinged (not dissimilar to the other Cooper women), maybe her moving into Thornhill is actually an elaborate plot to get revenge on the Blossoms. Or maybe she things they murdered Jason and wants to dig up dirt on them.

I wouldn't put it past the Blossoms to have a clause in their will about the male heir, so maybe as soon as Polly has her baby (babies), she's planning on offing the Blossom parents.

I mean, who really knows. But I'd prefer something along these lines rather than it being that Polly decided it was reasonable to trust the Blossoms not to do away with her as soon as the baby is born.

Also, I love that so much of this Cooper vs. Blossom family drama has its roots in a maple syrup feud. It's so ridiculous and I love it.
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Ok what the hell kind of medical care was Polly getting at Our Sisters of perpetual sorrow? She seems to be 5 months pregnant? That far along she should have had at least two ultrasounds and monthly visits checking on its heartbeat. Does she not know the sex or at least the number of babies?
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