Rick and Morty: April Fools
April 1, 2017 6:15 PM - Season 3, Episode 1 - Subscribe

Out of nowhere, Adult Swim has started streaming the new season premiere of Rick and Morty season 3 http://www.adultswim.com/videos/streams

Guest-starring Nolan North and Nathan Fillion!

Rick C-137, his Morty, and his Summer confront the Council of Ricks and the Galactic Federation.
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Great way to defuse the expectations hanging over from the finale. Really smart.
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My husband just called down the stairs to me in a tone so urgent I thought the baby had drunk poison. Nope! But there's a new Rick & Morty as an April fool's joke so I guess it's almost as urgent. We're watching it once said baby is down for the night.
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Wow, this episode was amazing. Just watched it twice in a row.

After the first watch I turned to my husband and told him the world felt righter than it has since election day. I feel like Rick & Morty is going to get us through. And wow, never thought about the fact that this is a show about a patriarch with too much power and no empathy.
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Wow, this episode was amazing.

Agreed. I laughed *so* hard, watching it just now.
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April fools! The joke is there will be an indeterminate wait for episode two. Maybe six months, maybe never. I'm going to take a shit.
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That was really good and kept the quality level as high as you'd expect. Hope the next episode isn't as long in coming.
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I was rooting for cornrows Rick to be the final jealously enraged Rick left standing, and he came pretty close.

And I remember that Sichuan sauce. That shit was terrible. Simply Godawful. What is wrong with him? Oh... right.
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in case you missed the stream like I did, you can watch the episode here http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x5h0bs3 (it might just be this old PC I'm using, but the linked stream above isn't working for me)

I'm so glad we got to see what happened with their original world.
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So the AV Club review is up, and I love this line from the end:
You know what gets to me the most? Jerry was right.
That's sort of mind-blowing in retrospect.
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I think my favorite joke of the episode is when Rick says he forgot how to improvise. Because a lesser voice actor couldn't have carried it off, but in Roiland's hands it's fucking sublime.

But OK, as I try to nail down my second favorite, it's clear that there were a ton of really good jokes in this episode. Jeez it was so good. So funny and so dark.
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Did Rick ever get to take that shit?
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taking the shit is a metaphor for taking down the government #takeashit
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I thought he was using "take a shit" over and over because he forgot how to improvise. But someone on Reddit pointed out that he uses "take a shit" three times after explicitly mentioning that comedy comes in threes. This show!
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All of the Adult Swim bumpers, as collected by Uproxx.

Unity Connections is probably my favorite, fully expect to see those costumes at future cons.
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I was skeptical that they could resolve the finale to my satisfaction and I don't know why I ever doubted them.
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More info about Season 3 from the Independent:
Episode 1 was released by Adult Swim after a fan asked for it on Twitter.

“Happy now mother FUCKA,” Harmon joked in response.

The second episode of the new season will be titled ‘Rickmancing the Stone’, with the season thought to consist of 14 episodes.

"We don’t update on exactly where every episode is in pipeline for two reasons (uh oh sub enumeration): One is that we want you harassing the bosses as opposed to hard-at-work artists and editors, or writers that finished months ago. The other is that it is out of our jurisdiction to discuss schedule. That’s Adult Swim’s biz. Totally unrelated. Hence the info shortage.
Per A.V. Club: The network has followed up on Rick And Morty’s return with promos for the upcoming season, which a press release indicates should arrive “later this summer.”
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Not seen this, but airing a new episode of anything in a slot reserved for something else is amazing. It sounds so much simpler to us at this end than it is, yet surely transmissions are planned, announced, OK'd and promoted at so many points through the chain. Taking all of my hats off to them!
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A fine episode, and one that makes me feel vindicated in my opinion that the show is essentially nihilistic and espouses a philosophy I disagree with.
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This was pretty excellent and the new R&M season will tide me over until they finish season 7 of the venture bros.

Rick's schemes are so deep it's hard sometimes to figure out whether he's working a long plan or just making shit up and justifying it Post-Christmas.
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Rick and Morty sauce: McDonald's responds to fan plea to bring back McNugget Mulan Zsechuan sauce

(Pardon the spelling: its The Independent.. not the Guarniad.)
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So if there's an infinite number of universes, does that mean there's an infinite number of Council of Ricks? And an infinite number of Federations?

Does revenge hold any lasting meaning for someone who readily traverses to the other infinite universes where the federation and council weren't destroyed?
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does that mean there's an infinite number of Council of Ricks? And an infinite number of Federations?

Nobody exists on purpose, nobody belongs anywhere, everybody's gonna die; come watch TV
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The show ostensibly takes place in what (a) Rick calls "The Central Finite Curve." On Bioshock Infinite our physicist consultant told us that, if Many Worlds Interpretation is true, then while the Universe is always bifurcating more or less infinitely, things like "you throw a baseball and it turns into a wombat" are pretty far out on the bell curve. Most of the time the highest probability outcome (macroscopic events carry on as you'd expect) is what happens.

My impression has been that Harmon and Roiland are laboring under a similar conceit and the Central Finite Curve is the collection of universes where Rick made his invention and then things more or less carried on as those Ricks would expect (ie the next event was not all the air molecules in the room suddenly crowding into one corner - causing everyone to suffocate and explode - due to an Avogadro's number of D20s all rolling critical failure).

I claim no special knowledge here, just noticed that - as someone who's worked on a contemporary narrative involving MWI - there's a bunch of assumptions being made about multiverse travel/manipulation that seem very, very familiar.
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So there's probably only the one Council Citadel. But an vastly larger yet finite number of Federations. But I suppose there now exists at least one universe now exists where neither the Federation nor the Council can check Rick's power. Or his lust for Mulan Szechuan Sauce.
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But oh yeah, the slot they took was for a new Samurai Jack. So while this was great, I wished it took something else's place. :-/
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The federation existed before Rick, and engaged in some life seeding on earth, as is referenced youtube in extras. Then the universes with a Rick would almost all have the federation.

As only he has interdemensional travel I assume the counsel of ricks is singular.
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> As only he has interdemensional travel I assume the counsel of ricks is singular.

So we're going with the countably infinite multiverse theory?
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In the pilot the portal gun loses its charge in "Dimension 35C" and they have to smuggle the Megaseeds back to Earth through a Federation-managed Spaceport facility with Stargate-like portals. It's OK to shoot them, Morty, they're just robots!... It's a figure of speech Morty, they're bureaucrats, I don't respect them.
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XMLicious: It's entirely possible that those portals were only for intra-dimensional travel, and Rick's hacking was to get it to go inter-dimensional. At least, it could be easily retconned that way.
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The BBC reports that a packet of the 1998 McDonald's Szechuan sauce was sold on eBay for 14,700 dollars.
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You know what gets to me the most? Jerry was right.

I don't see any reason to believe that what Rick says to other people in this episode is more accurate to what he was thinking at the end of season 2 than how he behaved by himself at the end of season 2.
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