RuPaul's Drag Race: She Done Already Done Brought It On
April 1, 2017 5:59 PM - Season 9, Episode 2 - Subscribe

Lisa Kudrow visits briefly; the queens must perform in an epic cheer battle, with Cindy Wilson, Kate Pierson, and Fred Schneider of The B-52s as guest judges.

Untucked s09 e02 (YouTube, 24:50) -- "After cheering each other through possibly the most physical challenge in Drag Race herstory, the Queens untuck and discuss the judge’s opinions of their looks and performances. The reality of who’s on top and who’s on bottom settles in because for the first time this season, someone will sashay away."
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And a Drag Race-related April Fools gag, from a 4th grade teacher to his students- not related to this episode or season, but timely in general.
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I feel like this didn't quite live up to the ensemble challenges of S7/S8 (Glamazonian Airways, Bitch Perfect) but it was pretty entertaining.

Jaymes's exit line about being kind broke my heart, and I think she basically won the lip sync (like Laganja, Kimora seems to only have vamp mode when lip syncing), but I can't say I disagreed with the decision to boot her The gymnastics was a golden opportunity for camp queens to do prat falls, roll around, and otherwise be silly af, and Jaymes didn't do any of that (that we saw). That said, I think it won't really hurt her with the fans because she's such a sweetheart. And "I came in first!" was both genuinely funny and in character for her.

Also I'm already salty about Kimora doing some basic af boring look queen impression for Snatch Game and it hasn't even happened yet!! (Not spoilers/T, just a prediction. That I feel very confident in.)
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Also Jaymes at the end of Untuuuucked "some dreams aren't meant to be" :( :( :( x 1,000

However the dream of his youtube channel is alive and here he is doing a bit of Rebel Wilson
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This seems like a fairly adept group, both physically and in terms of their ability to learn and deliver lines. There's been a lot more hay made in other seasons about queens' inability to do exactly the kinds of things these gals did really competently in the ensemble challenge.

I am here for Valentina and I'm not sorry about it. What a doll. And I think Nina is splendid. But I've actually worked with Shea and y'all are not. Even. Ready.
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Quick hits: I too think that Jaymes won the lip sync (it's a FUN song, y'know, for having FUN and not just being sultry) but I guess it was time to say goodbye. I'm not here at all for Valentina's schtick but I begrudgingly agree she won this week. I'm also coming more around on Farrah, who actually does just seem pretty sweet (her accidentally knocking into a light/boom on Untucked is adorable).
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So why does the one-note pretty girl always win out over the funny one? Kimora has done lace bodysuits almost exclusively, her tuck was terrible, and that was a really sultry take on a PARTY SONG. Bah. I didn't much care about Jaymes one way or the other, but I don't know what Kimora brings to the table.

Valentina out of drag and without that beret is SO CUTE!

That was a lackluster routine. A few pyramids don't a showstopper make, and when everyone is wearing the same color, the runway is super-dull.
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I presume Kimora is being kept around for the mean girl DRAMAZ, because I thought Jaymes won the lip sync as well. Producer-driven elimination order shenanigans are my absolute least favorite thing about most reality TV shows, but there's no getting away from them (unless I want to only watch GBBO and Face Off forevermore).
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I will gently disagree about Jaymes. At the end of last week's episode, my wife and I picked her to be the first booted. I know edits blah blah blah but she just looked lost the whole time, and then the same this week. Also I think she had on the same wig nearly every time I've seen a pic of her, maybe she's just not quite cooked enough for this stage. Whether she "won" the lipsync or not (and that's arguable, she kinda just stumbled along the stage too near Kimora a lot), it was her time to go. It was also clear the other queens smelled blood on the water with her, so I think it maybe wasn't just edits.

I'd be truly happy to see Kimora go next, though. I'm not down for 1000 stripper outfits, and she's basically just boobs and cheekbones, not even actually pretty in a pretty girl way like Valentina.

So far I love that there's not an obvious "here's your top three". I love Eureka, and Farrah, and am working hard to work out who the other people are. So. Many. Queens.
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I think the standards were also (somewhat justifiably) higher for Jaymes going into the lip sync because she was a comedy queen whose comedy had been kind of lackluster, and it was a campy funny song, so kind of a softball for her. To prove she should've stayed, she would have really needed to spike the ball (lol mixed sports metaphors) -- an awkward tie or close win wasn't good enough.
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Yeah at the end of the premier I was pretty sure Jaymes would be the first to go. I'm surprised so many of you thought she won the lip sync--I thought it was pretty lame overall and was sort of hoping for a double elimination. Maybe it was the editing, but I didn't really get a ton of energy from Jaymes, and Kimora's take was off (and she didn't seem to know the words very well?).

I love a comedy queen, but nothing Jaymes did on the show seemed very funny to me.
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I actually know Sasha Velour a bit -- she was the MC of an award show I put together a few years ago (a few of us knew about it, but it was a surprise to the audience. We had announced another host. It was fun and it was glorious and I will forever be proud of that) so I'm mostly watching for her. Still, I've quickly gotten into this show and I was sorry to see Jaymes go. I understand it but I also think she deserved some more time to grow. Which fine, not this show.

Of course, other than Sasha, I'm not sure who I'm rooting for yet. I certainly like a lot of them but it's still too early for me to really find out who I like. That will come with time. I bought a season pass for this and I have no regrets about it.
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I agree with you donnagirl. Jaymes just wasn't ready for this right now. I'm super bored with Kimora and hope she leaves next.
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