What to read after Saga
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We will be reading Saga until July, but what comic book/graphic novel would people like to read next?

There's been some talk already in the fanfare talk thread, and the suggestions we have so far:

* Something from Valiant - currently slated for next as long as we can figure out something to read.
* Unbeatable Squirrel Girl
* Pretty Deadly
* Paper Girls

It would probably be good to make sure that the thing that we would like to read is currently in print in English, and that there's at least one TPB volume out of it so far. Otherwise, go for it.
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Older Warren Ellis....Transmetropolitan or Planetary (complete runs of both available in graphic novel).
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Descender (3 TP so far, with the 4th out in June) or Monstress (1 TP out with 2nd out in July; nominated for Hugo award).
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I'll throw Tom King's Vision in the mix. It's 2 trades total, & is one of the best series of the decade.
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I'm in for Paper Girls. Squirrel Girl just didn't grab me (I only read the first one, though my kid is devoted).
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