Prison Break: Sequel: Ogygia
April 5, 2017 5:37 PM - Season 5, Episode 1 - Subscribe

It's been seven years sinceMichael Scofield was presumed dead, but when clues suggest that he might still be alive, Lincoln Burrows reunites with Sara Tancredi to help track down the truth. The path leads them to Yemen, as Sucre, T-Bag, and C-Note are pulled back into the action to engineer their biggest escape ever.

EW recap - I know what you’re thinking: “Wait, but didn’t Michael die at the end of Prison Break?” And to that I say, “Stop overthinking things and let Wentworth Miller eat!”

AV Club review - Prison Break rises from the dead, takes off running (C+, review of 1st 4 episodes "...despite ingredients that probably sound hackneyed and unoriginal, Prison Break eventually does find a little spark in season five. There’s something undeniably exciting about the idea of escaping from confinement, the more complex and dangerous the task the better. Everything else that happens is sort of incidental: It’s easy to gloss over when things get really really dumb, but fun to engage when the show is pumping adrenaline. This season feels just overstuffed enough to be entertaining. Make no mistake, it’s nothing more than entertaining, and sometimes it’s less, but there’s something to be said for its mindless fun."
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I remember loving Prison Break back when it first started, and quitting sometime before it ended. The last thing I remember was them killing off Sara (and Michael finding her head in a box?), and then hearing that they'd brought her back somehow anyway. But I didn't get enough Miller/Purcell this season in the Berlanti-verse, so, I'm going to keep watching this show, because they've gotta hug sometime.
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Reading that AV Club review snippet, I realized I only recorded this to look at Wentworth Miller. So, it's probably going to work out for me. But I haven't watched it yet.
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Robert Knepper* (T-Bag) is amazing. I absolutely love the evolution of their head and facial hair evolution.

Also - some relatively strong character development over the seasons, especially acknowledging that he's moved on - but yet.

*evil Hank Azaria?
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I have to admit that I binged all of the entire series in about a month, but mostly on the background.

Season 1 is an excellent exercise in ratcheting up tension. All. The. Times.

It got fantastical really quickly. Subsequent seasons steadily suffered in writing quality, but the actors lived those silly roles.

But this 5th bonus season wasn't terrible. There were some clever bits (probably leftovers from previous development?).

Blindspot (2015-2020) tattoo-procedural to Prison Break's 2005-2017) is another thing I'd like to bring up.

Both followed similar trajectories, but I'm siding with the original Prison Break as better. Especially early.
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